Some people go their whole lives without punching anyone in the face. There's a strange satisfaction in the act, especially if the person deserves it. For example, if they were your high school bully and you uppercut them at the 10 year reunion to prove how much you've grown. There are those other times, though, when the person doesn't deserve it, but it still makes a good story.

Reddit user, u/shakesula9, wanted to know about the best face punching times when they asked:

Why did you punch that person in the face


Grocery Store Shakedown


My fiends dad (who is like 6'5, solid 250 ish) knocked a guy out with one slap to the face in the store one time. The guy slapped his wife in the face. He walked over all pissed if and said did you just slap that woman? The dude said "mind your business old man". So my friends dad slapped him back and knocked him out cold


Sometimes It's Accidental...And Hilarious


My daughter managed to punch herself in the face while reading a Calvin & Hobbes book. She tried to turn the page but somehow... missed.


When They Don't Know The Meaning Of "No"


Ex-boyfriend tried to break into my parents house in the middle of the night. He probably would have been successful had he not been so loud.

It ended up being a tag team effort by my brother and I to get him to leave and several blows were exchanged.

Weird bonding experience between us and we never spoke of it again. My parents never found out either.


3rd Grade Memories Lasts Forever


Because someone threw a ball that I was trying to catch, and I did not see the girl standing there next to me, and definitely didn't mean for my rapidly thrust-out hand to hit her in the side of the face - I was going for the ball, but caught nothing but cheek.

This was in gym class in the 3rd grade, and I got teased mercilessly for popping a girl in the face and making her cry.


Don't Mess With Mom


Gotta share my mom's story. A 28 year old junkie kept hitting on my sister and started showing up around the property. My mom warned him to leave her daughter alone and never come back. Few days later mom's boyfriend is driving with mom as the passenger, they roll up on the property and this dude is there trying to get through the gate. Mom is insta-pissed and jumps out of the moving vehicle to punch him in the face. He finally got the hint and we never saw him again and this is still my favorite story about my mom.


Get Your Job Done


I'm a boxer, its literally just what i do.


The Couple Who Fights Together...


Because he made a very rude gesture with his hips towards my then girlfriend. I called him a loser and kept walking. He followed me out to my car and swung at me. I punched him in the face. He was my size 5'10". Unfortunately, his two 6'4" Baby Huey friends (they were brothers) jumped in. I didn't care. I saw my girlfriend (now my wife) on one of their backs just clawing the crap out of him. And that's when I knew I'd marry that girl.


Classroom Brawlers


A guy (lets call him Josh) in my grade was a self-important bully. His mom was a gym teacher (middle school) and dad was a chemistry teacher (high school), so I guess he just go away with crap.

I made friends with an autistic guy in our grade (lets call him Mark); he was far along enough on the spectrum that he was mostly in SpEd classes, but had some general ed classes like gym. One day in gym, the teacher was held up in the boys locker room. Josh was bullying Mark and was about to throw him into the trash can with his buddies. I saw red. To this day I lose all respect for someone going after someone with a mental disability like that. Anyway, I went up to Josh, pimp slapped him in front of the class (I'm a girl, much smaller than him) and absolutely railed on him for bullying a awesome guy who happened to have special needs.

My teacher walked in during my b-tch fest. I never got into official trouble for slapping Josh given the circumstance. I did pay for what I did though. His dad made my life a living hell in Chemistry and I ended up failing. Ironically, I went on to get a BS in Bio-Chemistry later in life.


Don't Upset Your Delivery Driver


Was a delivery driver having a sh-tty day. My last delivery was to these ghetto apartments. I deliver the food the guy gives me $0.25 tip. I feeling defeated and just want to go home a cry. I walk to the stair well and a guy steps from around the corner and sticks a knife to my gut tells me give him my money phone keys and anything else i had on me. I handed him my phone and wallet he goes to.dig in my pocket and I push him back and sock him as hard as i can.

He stumbles back I pulled his shirt over his head and throw him down the stairs he lands and lays there for a minute as im coming down stairs he is trying get up i pick up my phone and the screen was busted. I gave him a good kick in the side took my wallet, phone and his wallet which had $7 in it. Took his phone and spiked it at the ground in front of him. And went back to my car.


You're Your Own Worst Enemy


My hand slipped off the covers when pulling them up. The face was mine...


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