Things That Scream 'I'm A Bad Dog Owner'

Dogs on leashes
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Many people roll their eyes at those who treat their dogs as if they were children.

Arguably, there is something to be said for people who think there's nothing wrong with bringing their dogs with them everywhere, oblivious to other people's allergies or fears.

That being said, dogs still need to be treated with love and respect, with some people surprised by the amount of care and effort even the tiniest dogs require.

Sadly, this doesn't stop them from adopting dogs, bringing them into a home where they will likely be neglected or mistreated.

Making the fact that these dog owners are unworthy of their canine companion's evidently apparent to everyone, except themselves.

Redditor PennedHitchhiker was curious to hear what people considered the tell-tale signs of an unqualified dog owner, leading them to ask:

"What screams 'I’m a bad dog owner?'"

"Friendly" can mean a whole lot of things...

"When they assume that just because their dog is friendly, it's ok for it to run at every dog they see even when the other dog is wearing a muzzle, on a lead or has anxiety or whatever warning notices on."- Thrillhouu

They Deserve A Safe And Comfortable Home

"Dog tied to a tree in an unkempt yard."

"Throw in a weathered doghouse too I guess."- dylan2451

No Roughhousing!

"If they let their kids beat up on their dogs, especially if they're little kids."

"No they're not 'just playing' the dogs are likely terrified and when they snap and attack the children, it's always 'he's never been a violent dog, I have no idea what's gotten into him suddenly!'"

"self-preservation, Susan."

"Even humans have that drive."- afinnegan2000

They Don't Bark For The Sake Of Barking!

"Leaving them outside and letting them bark for HOURS."

"Especially at night."- shebabbleslikeaidiot

Yes, Even The Cutest Puppies Misbehave

"When they make no effort to correct their dog's misbehavior."- InsomniacPHD

They Need Stability

"Asking you to watch their dog for 3 weeks then leaving you to watch them for 3 months."

"Still bitter about that towards my friend."- nouseforaspacebar

It's For Their Safety, As Much As Anyone Else's

"Letting your dog run around off lead around others when you have no ability to recall it."- Deskpoperator

"Letting them run loose."


"I get it that some dogs are escape artists."

"I used to have one."

"I called my back yard Little Alcatraz."

"It was still rare that he got out."

"But damn, on the lost pets Facebook page, there are so many dogs out running, and people reply where the dog lives and it runs all the time."- cooper8828

Just Plain Rude!

"Leaving your dog’s sh*t on my front lawn!"

"F8ck you Linda!"- crumblingconscious

"Never picking up after their dog."- sunshinerose32

Know What You're Getting In For!

"Getting a dog simply because you want company, but not putting the effort on taking the responsibilities of a dog owner."- phantonyte

Neglect Is Hard To Hide

"Bad fur, watery eyes, poor muscle tone, cringes when approached."- Old-Dom42

What Is Wrong With Some People?!?!

"My mother’s neighbor bought an Australian Shepherd for her two sons who are in high school."

"Beautiful dog."

"Mind you, they live in an apartment complex with a fairly small backyard."

"From the day they got the dog, my mother has heard non-stop barking, complaints from the parent’s explaining how the kids don't feed or walk the dog."

'They obviously haven’t trained him either."

"We live in Chicago also."

'This dog does not belong in some apartment backyard.'

'Dogs in general NEED ample space to play and some training."

"Shortly after that, they got a kitten."

'They told my mother that they only want a kitten to get rid of the rats in the neighborhood."

'They made a 'bed' in the garage for him and gave him a water bowl."

'Now with it being winter, they still DO NOT let the kitten inside because guess what, the dog that they have doesn’t get along with him."

"Thankfully my mother has two lovely cats and she took him under her wing, feeds and houses him."

"SICK PEOPLE I SWEAR."- GravyOnEverythingg

"A Dog is for life, not just for Christmas."

Just as some people aren't meant to be parents, some people just aren't meant to be dog owners.

So before being overcome with their cute faces and affectionate demeanors, truly ask yourself if you have what it takes to give them the love and care they deserve before you bring them home.

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