People Explain Which Things They're Still Salty About To This Day

There are some betrayals from childhood that still linger within us as adults.

In grade school, I suffered a bout of acid reflux while leaning over the classroom balcony and didn't realize I had been drooling.

My teacher, "Mr. K" – who was highly revered by my peers – was approaching the building and witnessed my moment of uncontrolled slobbering. Gross, I know.

But I was not directly above anyone and I was too focused on the discomfort in my throat and chest to notice my mouth was agape, I promise.

I was subsequently confronted by Mr. K – who assumed I was hawking loogies at my classmates.

I couldn't articulate what my condition was at the time.

He yelled at me in front of everyone and I started crying out of frustration, unable to defend myself.

And then I was suspended.

After all these years, I still have a grudge towards Mr. K for accusing me of being a serial spitter and making me miss school for a week.

Do you still have resentment over something that happened a long time ago?

Redditor xefarar565 asked:

"What are you STILL salty about?"

Thieving Among Friends

"Twenty years ago I had three friends show up at my house and when they left my wallet with $80 in it was missing. One of the guys felt bad and gave me $20 back. Three years after that we are in the BK drive thru and he whipped out my wallet. Still salty. His FB friend request has just been sitting there for like two years."


F–U, Mrs. Harding

"I've mentioned this before, but when I was about eight or nine, we had a big project in school which ended with us writing a story. I spent f'kin' hours on this thing. It was going to be the best book ever. It was only a matter of time before it was snapped up by some publisher and then it would be the talk of the Scholastic Book Fair, no doubt in my mind. It absolutely had to be in by the time school finished for Christmas, so my teacher could mark it over the break, so I stayed up until about ten o'clock at night for about a week beforehand working on it -- which, you know, is the closest thing you get to an all-nighter when you're about nine. It was my Magnum Opus.

"I got back to school in January to find that a) she had lost it, b) she was accusing me of not handing it in, and c) because mine was the only one she couldn't find, she decided to call me out in front of the class about it. I ended up locking myself in the toilet because I was crying so much. Worst still, it later transpired that when it 'turned up after all', she marked it as though it was handed in late, and the b*tch still only gave me a middling grade.

"F'k you, Mrs. Harding."


Un-sweet 16

"My sister got a brand new car for her 16th birthday...I got $20."


"$20 is enough to buy a hammer."


Walking Off In Style

"I was at a house party in college and we had to take off our shoes. Some b*tch walked home in my leather knee high boots and I've never gotten over it."


Fake Contest

"In elementary school, there was a pencil machine in the front lobby where you could get pencils for 25 cents. There were also 'special' pencils that had stars on them. If you got one of these special pencils, you could take it into the office and get a prize."

"One day, I decided to get a pencil. I put in my quarter and out popped TWO pencils. And one of them was a special pencil! I went into the office and told the lady at the desk that the machine gave me two pencils and one of them was special. She proceeded to say that the machine shouldn't do that, took the special pencil, and didn't give me a prize. That was 19 years ago and I'm still pissed."


The Skeptical Teacher

"Me and another kid in 6th grade both got 100% on our quiz, so our teacher figured we must've cheated. Both of us were perplexed, the quiz just wasn't that hard. But she was having none of it. I remember begging her in the hallway, literally sobbing, to not give me a 0 because I didn't f*cking cheat, and I was a straight A student. She gave me the 0. I stopped caring about As on that very day."


Nurse Ratched

"I was probably 5 years old visiting my mom at the hospital after she gave birth to my brother and she was given food on a tray which she didn't want so she gave it to me. I put the tray on the table and as I was eating, the nurse takes the tray away from me and throws away the food. That may have my first true instance of anger in my life. I'm 27 now and I'm pissed as I'm writing this haha."


Unnecessary Mockery

"When my old boss pulled out the 2020 calendar (in late 2019) and asked everyone what days off they need so we can plan ahead and around. Everyone was spitting off dates. I didn't have any plans yet so I didn't request anything until she specifically asked me if I needed/wanted any dates off."

"I shrugged and asked for ONE day around my birthday because why not, and she started mocking me in front of everyone. 'It's just a 23rd birthday, why would you need that off? But ooookkkk ....' obviously rolling her eyes, then started treating me like an idiot the rest of the day."


Show Cancellations

"They cancelled My Name Is Earl after telling the writers that it was definitely safe to end season 4 on a cliffhanger as they were going to make several more."

"Also still super salty over FlashForward/Utopia getting cancelled. Seems like half of the shows I get invested in are killed halfway through."


Sun And Stars

"In a 5th grade science test the question was, 'Are there any stars in the solar system.'"

"I answered, 'Yes.'"

"Teacher marked it wrong."

"I went up afterwards and said, 'What about the Sun?'"

"He said, he meant that all the other stars are not in our solar system and kept it marked wrong."

"Although I am harboring this for 50 years now, he was all-around one of the best teachers I ever had and just passed away a week or so ago."

"But damn, that should have been marked 'right.'"


False Accusation

"When I was in high school someone tagged up the school. They announced there would be a reward for anyone who rats anyone out. I get called in the office and find out I'm suspended for vandalization. I didn't do it and had no idea who. 4 days later I'm allowed to come back to school because they found who actually did it. I just got an apology."


Math Test

"On a fourth grade math test we had to make a shape that had only four sides, one set of parallel lines, and only ONE right angle (there were probably more requirements but I cant remember) I remember almost crying at my desk and spending 20 minutes on that one question while constantly telling my teacher that it wasnt possible but according to her it was. And the next day we went over the answer key, and the answer had two right angles..."


The Flat Tire

"When I was in high school, I was occasionally allowed to drive my family's third car. It had a slow leak in one of the tires, so we were all supposed to check the pressure and put air in it if we needed to."

"I picked up a friend to go to a movie, and when we came out one tire was completely flat. It wasn't the one with the leak, so I put the spare on and drove home."

"I got absolute hell from my parents about it. How irresponsible I was to not check it, I'd have to pay for the repair, why didn't I call roadside assistance, etc."

"Took it to get fixed, repeat the whole lecture as we're dropping it off, and the tech who did it called my mom and told her he'd found a nail in the tire and there was no way I could have seen it coming."

"She refused to apologize and I still had to pay for it."


 Gross Negligence

"In fourth grade English class (EU) I've used the word 'gross' in a random sentence we had to write. The teacher argued that it isn't a real word, I said that it is, that I saw it a few times in video games and movies and she said that they aren't a reliable source. I said to her that I'm gonna show it in the dictionary, but she instead grabbed me by the arm and took me out of the classroom and locked the door."

"To this day I am still fuming about this. And then she had the nerve to be all chummy when I met her once in a supermarket. Gross."

"Edit: In both cases it was meant like 'disgusting' and I know there are even more meanings behind the word. I wonder if she knows by now."


Not My Chicken Sandwich

"First grade some unknown kid dropped their chicken sandwich on the floor and the teacher thought it was me even though I had finished mine. She grilled me so hard, called into question the way I told the story, that I finally just took the blame for whoever dropped it because I wanted it to be over. 24 years ago and my blood still boils."


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