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Pets can be wonderful companions, reliable helping hands when farming and hunting, or therapeutic presences when people feel gloomy or alone. Nothing has proved all of this more than life at hoe during the pandemic.

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Working with dogs is a field like few others. Though a job at a veterinary clinic, animal shelter, or training class may have its moments of tragedy and frustration, the unique hilarity that dogs bring is a real treat.

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Our pets are our children. And remember what they always say.... children are always listening. In fact they are more attentive mentally when we are not paying attention. So every moment is a teaching moment. Our fur babies are no different, in fact they can be more in tune than humans. As I type this my dog Juliet is staring at me, and now I wonder what nefarious deed she has gleamed from my typing. I'll let you know.

Redditor u/shoonpo wanted all the fur baby parents to discuss a few things by asking.... What have you accidentally conditioned your pet to do?
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Pets are a part of our family. They are just as quirky as humans. Sometimes, even quirkier.

We know our pets like we know our brothers and sisters. They are pieces of us. And we adore each and every bit of that.

And though they may have no idea of whether or not we notice their little quirks, we love pointing them out.

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Ever see those viral videos of when a newborn meets their parent's identical twin?

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