In most situations, when you're hurt by someone, it can be best to just forgive and forget. However, there are some people that can't help but hold grudges. Sometimes it can just be petty, but other times, it can be for very valid reasons.

HeySistaBrutus asked: What are you STILL mad about?

For an open book quiz? C'mon...

"Back in my junior year history class, we were writing an open book quiz. I dropped my pencil and it bounced under the desk of a guy next to me. He noticed and picked it up. My teacher immediately failed both of us for "cheating."

The quiz was maybe 5% of our grade, and it was 20 years ago, but it still burns my grits."


I mean, kids do take after their parents.


"When my son was three this big kid pushed him off the top of a bouncy house slide then jumped on top of him breaking his arm.

I ran over to my son while my friend confronted the kid's dad. When told his son broke my kid's arm the dad laughed."


Logic checks out.

"When I was 7, I spent the night at my cousin's house. Before dinner, my uncle led the prayer. When he finished, my cousin blurts "OP had his eyes open while you prayed!" So my uncle railed on me about how it's disrespectful to have your eyes open while you pray. I said "How did he know my eyes were open if his eyes were closed?" My uncle told me I couldn't have dessert.

I never had my eyes open during the prayer."


That is pretty scary.

"We had a classroom pet lizard in the third grade. I went to the pencil sharpener during class and noticed that it had been frightened and detached its tail. Something we learned about lizards when they brought it into the classroom.

I loudly gasped when I saw it and received after school detention for "disrupting the class." I was an eight year old that was punished for seeing something scary to me. Still angry."


Snitches get stitches.


"So back when I was in kindergarten my class has a HUGE snitch. We were doing arts and crafts and I ended up getting her as a partner.

She said my name and when I turned around the string I was holding ended up hitting her in the arm (a string) and she cried and told the teacher (had to move my clip down) and my parents kept telling me "don't hit people." After all that I still hate her."


A weird thing to say in an interview.

"I graduated in 2008, in the middle of that recession. There were no jobs available because I was magically overqualified with my college degree and underqualified with no experience.

I got one interview and I was perfect for the job, but the employer said that I lived too far away. The commute would have been an hour and ten minutes. But I was willing to move because I had just finished school and there was nothing keeping me in my college town.

The interviewer just kept shaking his head saying "that's too far of a drive".

Dude....freaking listen to me!

It would have been an awesome job."


Don't mess with a person's books.

"When I was at university my sister's school had a fundraising thing where they accepted donations for them to sell off in a car boot sale.

My mum gave away my entire book collection without letting me know.

This included a book that my grandad gave to me when I turned 15 where he wishes me the best, a couple from teachers after I left their class and a few that I exchanged with friends when I graduated secondary school (we gave each other a copy of some of our favourite books, I know I'm a nerd)

I only found out months later with no way to track them down."


That's messed up.


"That I made it to the final two for a very good marketing job in a hiring process with WWE six years ago, only for at the final hour when they made their decision, a former employee got wind of the job and just texted the hiring manager, and both of us were out."


Hope she isn't your friend anymore.

"My best friend in 7th grade texted me while pretending to be her mom. She texted me saying that she had killed herself. And when I saw my friend in person the next week, she laughed when I told her that I had thrown up because I cried so hard.

Now I have major trust issues and I still have a grudge on her."


Some friend.

"I had a friend as close as a brother steal $500 cash from my wallet, and proceed to abuse my kindness. Good news is I got the money all back after he realized I was on to his theft and not falling for his lies.

Bad news is he sliced my couch up, pretended to find $200 of the $500 trying to masquerade his theft. He even said I should give him a cut of THAT even though I was still out $300.

My couch is still ruined, too, and I sleep on that thing. No longer associated with him, but I really wanna curb-stomp him."


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