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It's the spooky time of year where horror and gore are all around us. In movies, shows, and campfire stories, we share the most gruesome tales to scare one another.

But when you're faced with real life horror, that's a different stories.

In a 2019 study from the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime found chances of falling victim to a homicide worldwide are about 6 in 100,000.

So we went to Reddit to know what it's like to narrowly escape a murder.

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There is so much we don't know about history. We've been lied to and bamboozled. Why is so much truth left out? The world is ugly. Each country has been built on blood and drama. Why hide that? The more we know about history, the less we are doomed to repeat it.

And one of education's biggest issues is not exposing more evil. There are more Hitlers out there than we could've imagined. And we should know their names. So... pencils up kids...

Redditor u/Pencil-lamp wanted to list some of the worst overlooked villains of the past, by asking:

Dear Reddit, who are the lesser known evil fools of history?
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Nighttime is a little scarier no matter where you are, but there is something especially eerie about the silent pitch darkness of unpopulated rural areas.

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Often, thoughts of life sailing large ships across the high seas feel like distant fantasies.

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Oftentimes I like to do my best Ghostface impression and aggressively ask people what their favorite scary movies are. Because I personally have a lot! At the same time, I'm also terrified that at any point, I could end up getting my head punched off by Jason Vorhees (Part 8 of the series--best one IMO).

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