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Being Trans in the Work Place: Breaking Down the Closet Door and Breaking Barriers

The suffocation imposed by the closet on individuals stagnates businesses.

Being Trans in the Work Place: Breaking Down the Closet Door and Breaking Barriers

How would you like to work in a closet? Stuffy air, not enough light… We've all learned what it means to have to "make do" in less than desirable spaces during the coronavirus shutdowns, but for many transgender people, this discomfort is nothing new.

Andrea Breanna is working to change that.

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‘Inter-tech-ionality’: Cracking the Code to Better Representation

How two women showed a different way to build organizations.

‘Inter-tech-ionality’: Cracking the Code to Better Representation

Last year, a poll of 7,000 LGBTQ tech employees in Silicon Valley asked if they'd experienced homophobic harassment at work. 40% said yes.

But while that number is disheartening, the report made no mention of what the makeup of that percentile was.

Leanne Pittsford has an idea on how to address that.

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Baby Gets Fitted For His Very First Hearing Device, And His Precious Reaction Is Lighting Up The Internet
BBC News / YouTube

A man shared a video of a baby being fitted for his first hearing aid and being able to hear his parents' voices for the first time.

Because of the baby's sweet reaction, the baby's first adventure with hearing sounds to go viral for the second time since 2014.

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New Footage Of Whitney Houston's Hologram That Will Tour The World Is Giving Everyone The Major Creeps
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Our greatest love of all, Whitney Houston, is being resurrected in the form of a hologram and people are getting goosebumps.

The music industry was devasted when fans learned that the legendary singer died on February 11, 2012 after paramedics found her unconscious in a hotel bathtub from an accidental drowning.

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Mom Goes Viral After Conquering Her Fears By Absolutely Crushing A Gymnastics Move That She Was Afraid To Do As A Teen

There's nothing like living your childhood dreams as an adult.

That's what Nicole Clemens, 37, did when she executed a perfect roundoff back layout—a gymnastics move she wasn't quite able to conquer in her competitive days.

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