People Explain Which Things Get Way More Hate Than They Deserve

There's an old saying that, "You can't make everybody happy," and that seems true for practically anything, from people's actions to TV shows to simply having to do the laundry.

But there are certain subjects and activities that seem to get a lot more hate than they might deserve.

So much so, it's confused some people.

Curious if other people noticed the hate, Redditor StoneCT asked:

"What gets more hate than it should?"

A Small Kindness

"Smiling at others randomly or just being friendly."

"It seems that a quick smile, acknowledging someone’s presence, or saying hi is just not the thing to do anymore?!"

"Makes me kind of sad. I’m pretty introverted, but I just want to be outwardly happy out and about without being met with glares or resting b***h face."

- flapsAhoyMateys

Honoring the Inner Child

"Being an adult and liking things that are considered childish."

"People get so much hate and get told to 'grow up.' Listen, I didn’t get to enjoy my childhood. Let me enjoy things. Let me play video games. Let me watch the animation. Let me buy that Tamagotchi. It’s not hurting anyone."

- HippieWitchyWoods

Going It Alone

"Solo-traveling is freakin' liberating. Sure, I get a little lonely, but there are NO schedules and you can randomly stop if you see something even slightly interesting."

- DerpsandRags

Just Getting Some Fresh Air

"I go out by myself all the time. I’ll go for a few drinks just to get out of the house, grab a beer, sit outside to enjoy the weather."

"Occasionally I’ll run into people I know, and they try to invite me on for their night, and I’m like, 'I’m good, man, just having a few beers.'"

"And I get these, 'Ookaay? Whatever' type replies."

"Just because I’m out doesn’t mean I want to be social, I just want to be around socialization sometimes."

- turtles138

The Joy of Mocktails

"Not wanting to drink. When you tell someone that you don't drink, most of the time they act like you just told them you juggle heads in your spare time."

- yankstraveler

No Relationship

"Being single. Everybody acts like it’s the worst thing in the world, but if you are content with being on your own, it’s really not. It’s actually quite relieving to not have the responsibility of another person."

- No_Lengthiness_8069

Still at Home

"Being in your twenties or above and living at home with your parents or other family members."

- Ragnbangin

Living Childfree

"Being a millennial and wanting to live childless or childfree. For heaven's sake, just let people choose how they want to live their lives."

"Want to be childfree? Cool! Want kids? Cool!"

- obbycake

Love What You Love

"Brussels Sprouts are my favorite vegetable."

- Tall_Dark_and_Lurking

Loveable Midnight Furbabies

"Black cats are some of the cutest, most goofy kitties ever. I love them!"

- SunnyBunchy

What's with the Hate?

"Donkeys. Those poor fellas just be chillin', doing menial work, and not disturbing anybody, and for some reason, the term came to mean someone who's utterly incompetent and stupid."

- dvd25

Something Written By Hitchcock

"Crows are the best. Gotta respect an animal that'll tell its friends about you if you treat it well or f**k it over. They are just smart MF-ers."

"They'll pay you for snacks and possess an intellect on par with a seven-year-old human. Some say they rival apes."

"Clearly, the only thing stopping them is the lack of hands with opposable thumbs."

- AdmiralClover

Helping the Environment

"Nuclear energy. It's very safe, but a couple of massive disasters due to gross negligence (and also the fact that the word nuclear is involved) have given it a bad image to the point where people just assume it's dangerous and a bad idea."

"Tell you what the bad idea is, it's sticking to fossil fuels."

- WarmProfit


"The word 'moist.' People love to jump on the bandwagon of hating it. 20 years ago, nobody hated it, but since some people started making a scene over it, it’s become a thing and it's dumb."

- hakuna__fritata

Judgment: The Sequel

"People being found not guilty of crimes."

"Usually, before a trial people have made their mind up about a situation and think a person is guilty. So when the jury gets all the information and finds someone not guilty, people get mad at the person found not guilty and the jury."

"Do we not want a system that looks at evidence-based information before making a decision that will affect someone’s life?"

- tistick

Redditors were surprised to see some of the things that were receiving such negative attention, especially since so many of these are a person's individual choice and which don't impact other people's lives at all.

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