In this day and age the news is something no one should ever watch. It only leads to anxiety. And the old saying... "don't sweat the small stuff" is a mantra to live by. 

In fact at this point trying to not sweat any stuff is the only way to survive.


Nothing is worth losing it over. For some reason everybody, everyday is losing their minds over the most trivial. What's the point of that? Hold out for the big stuff at least!

Redditor username-valid reached out to the calm, cool and collected to ask what the rest of us need to take a pill about before we stroke out!


Freak out about war, famine, bigotry? No, the menu.

Gluten-free diets

Some people can't eat gluten.

Some people can, but mistakenly believe that avoiding it will help them lose weight.

The nice thing about the latter group is that restaurants are now more likely to provide gluten-free options for those who actually need them.  funke42

Play nice mom and dad.

Kids sports. I coached kids soccer for 7 year olds and there would be parents screaming at their kids during the game and you'd have to ask them to quiet down. It's just a game, people. PainMatrix

Dance to your own beat.

Music snobbery. I'm too old for that crap anymore.

So what if someone likes Coldplay who the f*** are you to judge their taste.I was a music snob, a 90's British indie fan, if you haven't listed to that crap, go do so, it's awesome but if you want to listen to Justin Bieber, go ahead, fill your boots. My field of cares is barren so go enjoy music and try something new every so often, you might find your taste wider than you thought when you remove your preconceptions.    Shivadxb

No book can fix the DMV.

Folks who get pissed at long lines at places you know are going to have a long line. Like the DMV, the Post Office, or Doctors office. You knew it was going to take awhile. Bring a book or use that magical mobile device to entertain yourself silly!   [deleted] 

Nobody' s perfect.

"Participation trophies"

There's not a generation of kids who cry themselves to sleep when they don't win, there's a generation of parents who can't stand the thought that their child isn't perfect.  ChrisIsSatire


Mind your phone business. 

What phone other people use. Seriously, why do you even care?

Platform advocacy in general is just stupid. Nintendo vs. Sega was a fun battle for middle school, but so many people just don't seem to grow out of it. Pudgy_Ninja

Show us your pilot's license.

Currently sitting in an airport waiting to board a flight, and every time there's been an announcement saying that our flight is going to be delayed a little longer, the lady in front of me yells at the flight attendants, from the comfort of her own seat.

Like I understand that you're frustrated about it but your yelling doesn't help the plane get to the gate faster!!!  migal00


It's just 60 seconds. 

Being 1 minute late to work.

A few 1 minute latenesses can be a fireable offense in many workplaces without any other issues, yet if you're not willing to stay late to finish something in the evening, your loyalty and work ethic gets questioned. leiphos

Flight survival of the fittest. 

Getting on a plane.

We've all bought tickets. We've all reserved seats. We're all getting on this plane (unless you're flying United - topical) so why queue or push or add to the already stressful experience of making it onto a flight on time by turning an otherwise civilized experience into some kind of aviation-based Hunger Games?!  peanutismint


An easy answer.

Most things. Not worth it.  calcaneus 

No offense!

Being offended about everything. And the opposite, trying to offend for no good reason.  C-Gi

Leave Starbuck's alone!

Avocado toast and $4 coffees. Apparently it's killing the American dream.Help_Quanted


The kids are gonna be alright.

Millennials. I keep seeing articles about how they're unbelievably lazy and have a disproportionate sense of entitlement.

I'm sure some do, but that's not reason enough to get hysterical about the entire generation. HarlanCedeno

It's just a toy.

Fidget spinners. People get so angry over them it's incredible. Some guy the other day said a fidget spinners app was the downfall of society or something.  applebrush

Stick to your own plate.

People who freak out about what others do with their food.

Ketchup on scrambled eggs (or on hot dogs with I also hear some people getting angry about), pinapple on pizza, stuff like that. Who cares what someone puts on their food! It ain't hurtin' you none.  jonosvision

Do you read?

Vaccines. I don't know why people comment on a subject they refuse to really research.  5000sheets

Mind your business.

Everything everyone else is doing. Mind your business and enjoy your life.   TheElvenOwl


It's just food!

Well milk before cereal just doesn't make any damn sense. The cereal is just gonna splash in there, make a mess or something. Pineapple on pizza though, the way I see it, every pizza place ever offers a Hawaiian pizza, canadian bacon and pineapple right? So it's normal, someone just about everywhere likes it. It's a thing.  conman987


H/T : Redditorusername-valid

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