The Most Annoying Myths People Still Cling To

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There's an endless supply of knowledge in the world, and we're bound to get some of it wrong.

But it sure is annoying when a person continues to believe false knowledge after it's been disproven.

Already annoyed, Redditor Aarunascut asked:

"What's an annoying myth that people still cling to?"

Hobbies, Who?

"That having hobbies as an adult is only worth it if it brings in money. No, I love my meaningless and expensive hobbies, even if they don't bring in any income."

- Sneezy_baby

Joy Is Worthy

"I've been interrogated about why I'm a trained swordfighter."

"Because it's fun, you dolt!"

"I'm not going to try to rationalize about how it's an effective way to stay in shape or how sword fighting trains skills used in practical self-defense, or how studying the manuals is an intellectually-stimulating academic pursuit."

"I'm just an adult who likes playing with swords."

- Drach88

History Hidden Under Paint

"Ancient Greek and Roman sculpture and architecture being pure white marble."

"They are now. That's because art dealers long, long ago washed the paint off."

- Needydadthrowaway

Is MSG Really So Bad?

"My grandmother saw me adding MSG to a curry and the look on her face was like I was pouring rat poison into the pot."

"Meanwhile, she has basically shaved her diet down to only food with very high natural MSG content. Miso soup with kelp seasoned with soy sauce is her go-to meal when she doesn't want to think about it, her backup is a soup made from dried fish, tomatoes, gochujang, and kimchi."

"Inconsistent, I tell you."

- dudemanguy301

Scientific Fact or Idiom?

"The saying that, 'Lightning NEVER strikes twice in the same place.'"

- Back2Bach

Wait an Hour to Swim after Eating

"I was on a swim team as a kid, and if I ate and swam too close together, I most definitely got abdominal cramps."

"I always attributed it to the intensity of swimming because when this happened, this was with full-on swimming (either competing or training), and properly swimming uses basically every skeletal muscle you have."

"Eating and hopping in the pool for a float or to screw around with friends never gave me trouble."

- bigalfry

When Life Gives You Lemons

"Don’t make lemonade. Make life take the lemons back! Get mad!"

"I don’t want your d**n lemons, what the h**l am I supposed to do with these?"

"Demand to see life’s manager! Make life rue the day it thought it could give Cave Johnson lemons! Do you know who I am? I’m the man who’s gonna burn your house down! With the lemons! I’m gonna get my engineers to invent a combustible lemon that burns your house down!"

- BismarkUMD

Buns Bunny vs. the Optometrist

"That carrots give you good eyesight."

"But have you ever seen a rabbit with glasses?? No?? It works! (sarcastic comment)"

- TimBambantiki

Alpha Males

"The alpha theory for wolves, people still believe it even though the person who made the theory took it back. The ‘alpha’ of wolves is actually just the pack’s parents, and the pack is usually made up of their offspring."

"But this is a useful myth. Because the people who continue to espouse it and live their life by 'I'm an alpha' ideology gives a demonstrable reason to avoid them."

- MalkavianPrinceofJC

10% of Our Brain

"I hate this one. Our brain is a massive, fuel-guzzling organ that's full of folds and wrinkles to increase its size. To make an organ that big and then only use 10% is stupid."

- PM_;EOttoVonBismarck

Missing Persons

"That you need to wait 24 hours to file a missing person’s report."

"Yeah, in fact, it's the exact opposite, the first 24 hours are the most important."

- Aesk19

Define "Undercover"

"An undercover cop has to tell you they're a cop if you ask them."

- No_Instance_1851

Dietary Needs

"My grandma told me not to cross my legs because the baby wouldn't have room. I told her the baby was making me uncomfortable and I was going to move into whatever position I needed and that is what is best for both of us."

"My sister was even more annoying. She thought she had better medical knowledge because of nursing school, but she really didn't."

"We were at a friend's wedding and I ordered my steak medium well (you aren't supposed to have it medium) and it came medium. The risk is super low. I decided that sending it back to the kitchen would make it more likely to have an issue than eating it as is."

"She said something. I am diabetic. I didn't eat the wedding cake, but I had a chocolate-covered strawberry. A single chocolate-covered strawberry. She was asking if I really should be eating that."

"Yes. I should. The less than 20g of carbs were within my limits, and I was moving around all day and I needed the sugar!"

"To be fair, my family isn't in my life anymore because they are abusive and toxic people. So many pregnancy myths are about control. Pregnant women already have such a loss of control and agency. It is so dehumanizing."

"S**tty people use it to erode the confidence of first-time parents. They want to seem wise and relied on others for advice. They want you to think they know more than you and get you to trust them over yourself."

- Viperbunny

What Free Lifetime Pass?

"If you give birth in Disney World, YOU DO NOT GET A FREE LIFETIME PASS."

- mrkrabs445

Natural Births

"I have issues with the unassisted birth crowd."

"They say, 'Your body was made for this. Women gave birth for thousands of years without hospitals.'"

"Yeah, and the mortality rates for both birthing parents and babies were way higher than it is now. They also typically had midwives and doulas with them, not this unassisted bulls**t."

- NerfRepellingBoobs

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