People Break Down Which Things Other People Enjoy That They Just Can't Understand

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Everyone has their own interests, and it's fulfilling and fun to find other people who enjoy the same things, too.

But sometimes when we don't like an activity or TV show that is super popular, it can be especially validating to find someone who doesn't "get it" just as much as we don't.

Redditor Callum_BTW asked:

"What is something you simply can't understand why people enjoy?"

Enough Said.

"Child beauty pageant events."

- SuvenPan

Reality TV

"TV shows like 'The Bachelor,' 'The Bachelorette,' or all reality shows."

- herefortheparteee

In Need of Volume Control

"Videos of people being obnoxiously loud in a pathetic attempt at being funny. Loud is not funny."

- Ivymorrigan666

Pranking Videos

"Videos of YouTubers annoying, harassing, or terrorizing random people."

"To me, pranks are supposed to have a tongue-in-cheek element to them where both people leave with mirth about what happened."

"I don’t understand the mindset of enjoying a situation that just left the victims stressed out and upset. It just makes the world worse, and more often than not the guys making these videos just seem like bullies to me."

"The comments are already 90% pointing out the fact that people are not your props and that if something happens to the YouTuber, they have it coming."

"But people still tune in. Go f**king figure."

- Ebvardh-Boss

Cave Diving

"So much claustrophobia plus a limited oxygen tank. F**k that."

- Yak-500

It's Not For Everyone

"Being pregnant. I’ve heard many women talk about how wonderful it is."

"I myself am not a fan of the experience at all. The amount of discomfort and pain I experience daily, along with the nausea, and how my entire lifestyle has had to be adjusted."

- maya_star444

Begrudging Self-Care

"Exercise. I'll do it for my health, but I never understood why people enjoy it (especially early in the morning, what the f**k) or the 'runner's high' phenomenon. It's a pain in the a** and it's never been fun."

- catching_highs

No Tea for Me, Thanks

"One word: Drama."

- theyusedthelamppost

TikTok Dances

"We've all seen the videos of people doing their dances for Tiktok in random places. Shopping malls, aisles in Costco, parking lots, on the beach, in the hotel lobby, etc."

"I do not understand who this content appeals to. Who is going online and then watching people, even their friends they know, do a random dance in a random place? What do you get from that content?"

"It isn't funny because they are being serious about the dance. It isn't creative, because it's a dance that they have memorized."

"What is the appeal? I really want to hear from somebody that watches this stuff. I mean, it clearly is one of the most popular things to do on that app. What are you doing?"

- rity5yender

Gory Movies

"I don't mind some gore when it's well done, but some things just have gore for the sake of gore and it's stupid."

- cjlutera

Second Opinions

"I can't understand why some people go to the doctor, get a diagnosis and a prescription, then decide the doctor is wrong and whine about it on Reddit. Get a proper second opinion!"

"And yes, they do seem as if they enjoy doing that."

- EspressoBooksCats

Bullying Tactics

"Bullying or being mean to others, especially unprovoked."

- NotConsistentCalc


"Who cares what Shelia did. Or what Brad’s kids are doing. Mind your own business."

- DefinitelyNotADave


"Celery has a power of flavor that works when it's lost among much better tasting stuff, works best when you can't pick it out, but if it wasn't there you'd miss it, AKA most stocks."

"But celery on its own, f**k that s**t."

- CurvedStew

Different Dating Interests

"Casual sex. I hear a lot of stories from my coworkers, and everything about it sounds awkward and unfulfilling at best."

- MotivationalSpeaker

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