People Share The Best 'Yo Mama' Jokes They Know

Who doesn't love a good joke?

And one needn't be a professional comedian to always have a joke in their back pocket to make people laugh.

Particularly as there are certain types of jokes which are almost always guaranteed to elicit at least a tiny chuckle.

They could be knock-knock jokes, "little johnny" jokes, and of course the "yo mamma" jokes.

Though always teetering on the boundaries of good taste, the possibilities of jokingly insulting the mother of a friend, or foe, are endless, and more often than not, hilarious.

Redditor nobody-and-68-others was eager to hear the funniest "you mamma" jokes people have ever heard, leading them to ask:

"What are the best “Yo mama” jokes you got?"

Yo mamma's so fat...

"yo mamma so fat she wakes up in sections."- LolCoca

"Yo mama so fat when I had a threesome with her I never met the other guy."- 1nzlocky

"Your mama so fat, her memory foam mattress wish it could forget."- cuirboy

Fat GIFGiphy

...How fat Is she?

"Yo mama's so fat she outweighs the needs of the many."- BenefitsCustardbatch·

"Yo mama’s so fat that every time she turns around, it’s her birthday."- Amphibutter·

Yo mamma's so ugly...

'Yo mama so ugly, criminals break into her house just to close the curtains."- Cap_the_pro

"Yo mama so ugly your dad wakes up with morning wouldn't."- lukeedbnash

"Yo mama so ugly, her portraits hang themselves."- SolHalcyon

the emperors new groove hangover GIFGiphy

This could have so many meanings...

"The earth was flat until they buried yo mama."- jaymo54

Fat AND Ugly?

"Yo mama so fat, when she goes on a diet, the stock market drops."

"Yo mama so ugly, she threw a boomerang and it refused to come back."- SophisticatedOtaku

Needless to say, not all jokes are to everyone's taste.

Something to keep in mind when sharing these jokes with others.

Particularly with, "yo mamma", or anyone else's...

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