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People Break Down The Scariest Thing That's Ever Happened To Them
Image by Hans Kretzmann from Pixabay

Horror comes in many forms.

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People Break Down The Best Advice For Someone Looking To Get Their First Tattoo
Image by ilovetattoos from Pixabay

As much as the narrative of the drunken nighttime tattoo excursion has some appeal, the truth is that tattoos are important decisions.

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People Describe The Absolute Worst Birthday They've Ever Had

Sometimes the pressure of of having a wonderful time on your birthday can put undue stress on a thing that should be, above all, relaxing and enjoyable.

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People Break Down The Most F***ed Up Thing Anyone Has Ever Said To Them
Image by ashish choudhary from Pixabay

As much as we'd all love to believe that we can brush off unkind words, it's simply not true. There are some things that all the confidence and self-esteem in the universe couldn't protect us from.

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