Children Of Pornstars Explain What It Was Really Like Growing Up
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Various circumstances have led to people working in the adult entertainment industry.

And while viewers may know nothing of their private lives, the "actors" they see on screen are people like you and me.

Eventually, there comes a time when pornstars reach a juncture in their lives where they start thinking about starting a family.

Some stay in the business while supporting a family, while others have left the past in the past.

But is the past really permanently in the past?

Kids with parents who were or are pornstars shared their stories when Redditor harambe4life69 asked:

"Children of pornstars - what was it like growing up?"

Marriage did not end well with these parents with children.

The Questionable Photos

"One day when I was in 2nd grade I checked the mail and discovered 2 returned photos of my mom and step dad each posing individually, completely naked. I imagine they were 'trying out' for a porno?? Or something..? I still don’t know."

"But when my mom saw me looking at the photos she quickly grabbed them and we never spoke of it again. I’m 27 now. Neither are attractive and oddly enough they both ended up divorced and pretty miserable. I’m fairly sure they did not get the job."

– Intelligent_Flower29

Epic Downfall

"My mom was a sex worker in the 90s, even so successful that she ran her own service and eventually only took the higher scale clients. I remember being 8,9,10 years old in Chicago, New York and Atlanta hotels, and able to buy / order anything I wanted. We had personal computers in every bed room in 1997 which wasn’t common. Catalog and early online orders."

"She at first actually said she 'worked in computers' until I called her cell and her voicemail had a different name on it. Brooke, her name was Kim & My dad got a New computer Christmas one year and she didn’t even know how to turn it on. By the next year she was open and honest about what she did. Between her and my dad, they had the service, a strip club and a pizza shop. My brother got mopeds and gas or electric scooters for gifts, dirt bikes to ride in the backyard."

"Our house was a constant party. My brother started smoking weed, and selling it (he was in high school) and my mom would have it delivered by the pound in laundry baskets to 'support' his 'business venture.' We had a vending machine in the strip club, that my brother and I were allowed to manage for lessons in business."

"She eventually divorced my dad for cheating on her (hypocrite) with the manager of his strip club and she fell off bad since my aunt was a pharmacist at cvs and before the 'epidemic' she would bring HUGE bags of percocets to my mom. Then she would have the clients at our house and go in her room after announcing to myself and my 2 siblings 'I’m going to pay the bills'. Or the men would come out of the room and take me and my siblings shopping at the nearby mall, one would show up with ps2 and an Xbox before paying for our thanksgiving cabin trip."

"Still making money, she started smoking hard drugs and didn’t come out of her room for months, just slipped 100s under the door for us to order 'cafe courier' which was an early 1990s version of door dash."

"It was 5 years. They went from nothing to everything to nothing again. The house in a prominent suburban neighborhood ended up foreclosed on, I was kicked out when I was 12 after a fight with my mom and went back there after I heard from family that the house was taken by the bank over some addition my mom had built on the back, the house had been paid off before she did that."

"When I went back there was spray paint on the walls, the glass block walls were destroyed, and upstairs in my old room was boards on the windows, a metal chair and rope. It was tragic and disturbing to see."

"She’s doing better now, lives in a small home in 2 acres in the country. But she drinks like a fish, and never let go of the betrayal from my dad or how great those few years were. They were Great. But I would have taken average /normal for 10-20 years over that 5 years of crazy greatness."

– LittLilBihh

Life in the fast lane isn't always as glamorous as it may seem.

Plot Twist

"There was an guy in an other town whose parents had made a porno movie, but the plot twist here is that the mom was pregnant at the time. So you could say he was in a porno too. And to top it up a some what known rapper used the sound of the movie, just the start of it, in one of his songs, which have been played at festivals and in the radio. Must have been hard for him."

– SvanseHans

A Few Caveats

"Mum wasn't a flat out porn star but she danced at one of the older strip clubs in Vegas- Glitter Gultch. Most men flirt with her but because it was only adults seeing her naked or going into a private room for other services so it never bled over into teasing by children. I just learned at a young age that you could pay your bills with your body but if you stay in the industry the more risk to your person is involved physically, mentally, and emotionally."

– mewdejour

Popular Student For The Wrong Reasons

"Someone from my high school."

"His mom was 'locally famous' for some apparent extreme sex tapes."
"He was teased non-stop about it once kids found out."

"He ended up leaving the country the moment he turned 18 (which was in the middle of his senior year) after legally changing his name."

"I wasn't in his class (I was a year under) but from what I remember, he hated his mom and was extremely aggressive in his last year before running off."

– Defoler

Why No One Comes Over

"Not me, my friend’s mom had been a nude model for motorcycle pinup magazines and nudie spreads in the 70s or 80s before he was born. I knew this guy for probably 3 years from hanging out at mutual friends’ homes before finally going to his place. He never mentioned his mom being a nude model before, but when we walked in to the house, his parents were sitting in the living room smoking cigarettes under this giant poster sized photo of her topless and sprawled out on a motorcycle, looking very seductive and horny. He explained it later and said this is why he rarely has friends over."

– FartAttack911

Dad's Magazine Spread

"My dad was in a nude magazine that circulated in the 90’s all around Australia called Picture Magazine. He was no porn star by any means. But he did have a nude picture inside of a magazine. People brought the picture to school I would show it to me like I haven’t seen my dad walk around the house naked. I was less embarrassed when I managed to wrangle this comeback 'why you got a naked picture of a guy in your backpack dude?'”

– thecretin


"My middle school banned my parents from coming to my graduation/promotion because it was 'inappropriate' to have them there."

"Edit: lmao yes, this really happened. This was like 2005/2006. Yes, religious, private school. Administration knew who they were because another parent recognized them at drop off and told the school they didn’t feel comfortable having porn stars (that they clearly watch) around their kids. School agreed. Definitely did not make me popular in school."

– lilsnuff69

The Kids Suffer

"There's a ~40 year old lady who posts nudes both here (username has 'poindexter' in it, I think?) and onlyfans that clearly show her face and always mentions she's a mom. Well, her kids' religious school found out and kicked the whole family out of the parish. It made the local news headlines when she tried to fight it, which is where I heard about it. Now everyone knows and it'll be googleable forever. I feel pretty bad for her kids."

– LetterSwapper

The home decor was a dead giveaway of their erotic profession.

The Boss Who Scored

"My former boss is married to a lady who also works at our company and who everybody knows. Once he invited his whole team home for a grilling party and to show us his newly built house (we are a construction company so that's not too weird). It was awkward enough entering the bedroom of my boss, but the huge framed nude photo of her above the bed took the cake."

– ellenitha

Cool Chauffeur

"One of my best friends in HS had a mom who did porn back in the early 90s. Found out after we graduated but nobody really cared at that point because we all knew her - she had driven most of us home blackout drunk from parties one time or another. She was cool, really chill, but apparently quite strict with her own kids. Died a couple of years ago from breast cancer, really (edt) bummed me out when I found out. She was a nice lady."

– MindlessNote3735

Wall Of Conquests

"I worked as house cleaner for a time, and one of my clients was a porn star. She had posters from all the movies she’d done hanging on the hallway walls. She had two kids, they were maybe 11 and 8. I couldn’t imagine growing up with pictures of my mom like that on the way to the bathroom every day."

– Effycrush

Not every childhood involving a pornstar parent was necessarily a traumatizing one.

No Judgment

"I’m late but I’ll give my personal take as the daughter of a mom who did porn in her early 20’s."

"I didn’t even know until I was around 15 so it didn’t affect me before that honestly. My mom moved on to non-porn line of work so it’s not like I grew up near it or really grew up while she was still in the industry or anything like that. Also, she’s not one of the extremely popular ones that a ton of people would know so she most likely wouldn’t get recognized on the street I don’t think haha."

"My cousin was actually the one who told me (but didn’t show me anything) and I confirmed it with my mom later on. Pretty awkward for me to say the least haha."

"Also, I’m not embarrassed or ashamed of it really and I don’t have any traumatic stories that relate to this tbh. Not sure what else I should add 😁"

– kafelade

A Good Mom

"It was not that memorable. I didn’t know until I was older that she did old-school playboy type stuff. I was shocked when i learned about it but since i never really knew as a kid it didn’t affect me all the much."

"Since everyone always asks."

"-no, there weren’t abusive boyfriends all the time. She didn’t really date, but one bf was nice and fairly normal. They broke up for the usual incompatibility reasons, not bc she was in porn."

"-she was not a drug addict."

"-she was just struggling as a single mom when my dad died and had to do what she could."

"-no, I’m not embarrassed. Most everyone I tell thinks it’s cool and then I have to explain childhood was normal, she was a good mom, she wasn’t a drug addict etc etc."

– 30-50_feralhogs

Beats A "Real Job"

"People expect her to have been some kind of dirty terrible person but she just simply wasn’t. If there weren’t lines of perverts buying the VHS’s and magazines the job wouldn’t have been as lucrative as it was. Sure beats a 'real job' at minimum wage where she wouldn’t have been able to be as good of a parent tbh"

– 30-50_feralhogs

While some would perceive having pornstars as parents as amusing, it's the kids who may disagree.

Based on some the experiences mentioned above, it seems not everyone who has dabbled in the adult entertainment industry wound up with happy endings.

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