People Break Down Their Craziest 'Wait, That's Illegal' Experiences
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People sure do silly things in the heat of a moment.

Some wild activities can be spurred on by peer pressure, while other times, people are inspired by the vitality of life to seize the day.

Either way, these spontaneous decisions are made on the fly without properly assessing the consequences until it's too late.

Curious to hear some examples of this online, Redditor saebyoekishotfr asked:

"What's the 'wait, that's illegal' moment in your life?"

These incidences revolved around illegal substances.

Fungus Among Us

"In Canada, cannabis is legal. An adult student of mine, at the end of the course, gave me a baggie of 'magic mushrooms' as a thank you gift. Surprise gift!"

"I thought they were legal, too."

– loveandrubyshoes

The Mini-Meth Lab

"Yesterday actually. My little brother was out in the woods and found a mobile meth lab tied up in a tree (basically a bunch of supplies to cook/smoke meth all shoved in a bucket) and for some reason he brought it back to the house. I called the sheriff's department to come pick it up because wtf am I supposed to do with that, right?"

"Well two deputies came out to my house, wouldnt touch the thing, so finally I put on gloves and opened it up so they could see what was in it. They took a little case full of pipes and told me to just figure something out with the rest of it because they didnt want it in their car. The solution they finally came up with was for me to transport a bucket of methamphetamine in my personal vehicle (because I drive a pickup truck) to the closest gas station and dump it illegally in their dumpster. So yeah that was sick."

– thecoolvaletguy

Work places have a lots of rules, but these questionable violations were conveniently overlooked.

Just Sign Here

"My manager signed off on a bunch of made in China security access controls and optical sensors for a Made In America construction contract."

"At an airforce base."

– RedCascadian

Skeptical Boss

"I worked at a company for 3.5 years and while working there I lost one of my parents unexpectedly. I was in terrible condition emotionally after the fact. I asked for a leave of absence for 1 month to get my sh*t together. The boss 1st said they didn't believe me - so I gave him her death certificate.."

"Then he said 'Don't you think your family needs money more than anything right now?' So, I politely got up and went to my locker and packed my sh*t and have never looked back. The betrayal of the company on top of the loss put me into severe depression. Lost my house and struggled for years to be get back on my feet. About 2.5 years later I found out that him denying me that time off was grounds for a lawsuit but I was outside my statute of limitations.."

– DamageParty101

Legal Transformation

"I worked in aerospace, which uses a lot of EDM oil that is delivered in 55 gallon metal barrels. When the barrel is empty it’s considered hazardous waste, unless you cut off both ends, then it magically becomes a pipe that can be thrown away in a regular dumpster."

"Hell of a loophole."

– Jaws_V_The_Return

Working While Sick

"Everytime my wife's company denies her sick leave and tells her she needs to come in. I really wish she'd just stand her ground, go get her doctor's note, and just wait to see they have no ground to stand on."

– Codmando

When it comes to animals and laws pertaining to them, these Redditors had anxiety.

Nautical Visitor

"I was snorkelling in Hawaii and a sea turtle swam up from underneath me like flat against my stomach. It was very cool, but I panicked because if you touch them there is a huge fine. I kept trying to push it away from me but it kept bumping into me, I was like 10, I was convinced I was going to jail."

– EmperorJJ

Hero Or Criminal?

"Technically I have committed a moving a turtle. It was in the road but legally this species of turtle are not allowed to be touched and moved because it's an invasive species in my state as well as it's an endangered species in general. So there's that."

– Desperate_Estate7674

Sick Bird

"There is a bird dicease in my country, which makes it illegal for pet birds to walk around outside because they might spread the dicease. But our chickens got so old, and now we only have one left. I let her out today, it broke my heart seeing her all alone in there, confused of being alone and not being let out."

– FlamingoJames

Others shared their miscellaneous experiences about forgetting what was illegal.


"In Washington, it's legal to drive a vehicle without a windshield as long as you have goggles but it's still illegal if the vehicle doesn't have windshield wipers."

– KeyProtection7

Publicly Drinking

"I lived in Asia for a long time where drinking in public or inside a convenience isn’t illegal."

"Back in the USA, however I was buying a beer at a 7-11 and didn’t even think twice about cracking it open right after paying for it. The clerk immediately shouted, 'what are you doing?'”

"At first, I thought it was a payment issue and I told him that he just saw me pay for it, so what’s the problem?"

"He whipped out a brown paper bag and tossed it to me. Thats when I figured it out"

– AgentCC

Are these case naughty or innocent? These Redditors had a gut feeling it was the former.

Questionable Photos

"15 year old me taking a picture of my then 14 year old gf nude. Forgetting about it, finding an old phone 10+ years later, scrolling through old photos... I see that one. Given that her and I were together 11+ years at that point my instinct was just to think 'wow she looks so young here'... few seconds go by... wait this ia tehcnically chi... frantically deletes photo."

– Daramun

Revealing Search History

"Oh God that reminds me when I first started trying to find porn. I wanted kids my age and welp.... Ya that sh*t was illegal."

"Glad I never found any. Cringe at the search history back then now tho. My poor parents....."

– BooksAndStarsLover

NSFW Archives

"i was just hanging out with my best friend a couple weeks ago and we were talking about our past relationships and hook ups. she then goes on to tell that some guy she did some stuff with when she was 15 and he was 17, took photos of her. She said that she completely forgot about them until he reconnected with her over discord as a 24 and a 26 year old. He was like 'i still have those photos of you by the way ;) wanna see them??? ;)' I look at her and i’m like uummmmmmmm you realize that’s child porn right? like you understand that this person has literal child porn of you that he probably looks at a regular basis or at least has it easily accessible?? that was f'ked up to find out."

– ma1645300

So are you the kind of person that "conveniently forgot" about an activity being illegal, or were you in a situation where you weren't thinking and made an innocent mistake?

We'd love to hear of your momentary lapses in judgment.

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