Thanks to the internet, and social media specifically, we know everything about everyone at any given time. Mostly, we use it to share cute baby photos or announce a new job. Sometimes, though, people will abuse that attention grabbing notification ring and try to snag you away from real life for something perhaps not as deserving.

Familiar with the term "thirsty"?

Reddit user, u/joebertotto, wanted to hear what people are doing to totally draw attention to themselves when they asked:

What screams "I want attention"?

"Good-Bye, Everybody."

'I am quitting Facebook / Instagram / Twitter messages' or cryptic status messages on either of these platforms announcing they are frustrated with something.


"Rant Incoming..."


you can tell by how much someone vents on social media


"Woke Up Like This."

accidentally took this pic!


and posing with hours worth of makeup applied, plus an instagram filter.

"just wokeup xD"


Wants The Attention, Not The Baby

There is girl in my mom group that's thinking about having a 4th baby. She regularly tells me that her and her husband can barely afford the 3 they have. Constant borrowing money from family, massive credit card debt.

She says she misses having a baby. Her youngest is 2...

She's misses being pregnant and having everyone fawn over her and her newborn.


"I decided to volunteer today to do something good."

People posting online about how good they are to others.


Actually generous people will draw as little attention to what they do as possible. If they give money to a homeless person they tell every one about it. When my class was in DC there were these two people that told the entire class when they gave money to one homeless person each. When this other kid in my class gave money to almost every homeless person he saw and even gave his food to one of them he didn't tell anyone about it. I only knew because I saw him do this and I don't think many other people did


"Don't Look At Me."

"I look so ugly" on a picture of her not being ugly in any way.

That's what we call "fishing for compliments".


"...but they ended up teaching me."

Those posts about how going to an impoverished area/country and volunteering, followed by the "I thought I was teaching them, but they ended up teaching me"


I hate this. A bunch of girls from my school went to Guatemala for a school trip to volunteer and help out. The amount they posted on social media was insane, they all acted like they were hero's posting Instagram pictures with the children and stuff like that. Literally the second they got back they all talked about how hot, boring, and gross it was.


"I Don't Want To Talk About But You Know Who You Are."



Please Look Away

posts a beautiful selfie/artwork oh no this is so terrible im ugly


Purposefully Breaking The Rules

Girls in my HS (graduated) wearing crop tops and booty shorts, aka obviously breaking the school's dress code.


Just Sit Quietly And Listen

Spazzing out to look funny during class or talking funny to the teacher


We All Know Those Statuses And The People Attached To Them

Facebook statuses like:

"I'm starting to wonder who my real friends are, and may do some housekeeping. Comment on this if you don't want me to cut you out of my life forever."

It screams "pay attention to me RIGHT NOW or I might never speak to you again!"

Like, by all means, cut people out if they're making you feel like crap, and pare down your connections if you only want to be connected to people you trust and feel close with, but don't announce it like that. I feel like these situations warrant one-on-one conversations in your DM's.


Check Out The Black Spirals

Face don't do it unless you want people to pay attention to you.



ANY post on social media that starts off as "sooo I did a thing" like no way Jenna, you must be the first person ever to get highlights, a tattoo, piercing, etc. You are sooooo badass.


Seems Like A Lot Of Commitment To Just Say You Hate Something

Going on youtube to watch a video made by someone you don't like about a subject you're not interested in just to post "this sucks" on the comments


Don't Contact Me On This App I'm Using Currently

People posting Snapchat stories saying " No one snap", c'mon if you dont wanna snapchat people dont open the app or just dont go on your phone


Pretending Every Single Day

This is kinda about a person who just was constantly looking for attention

When I was a freshman in high school, there was a girl that would walk in every day looking ill or depressed. She was always skipping class(band, she wasn't in the marching band so I wouldn't blame her).

I have an extreme phobia of vomiting and illness, which I'm still getting treatment for, and I would have to constantly look back and see how she was doing. She always lurched over her sketchbook that she kept in her lap, arms pressed against her stomach.

Every so often I'd ask my friend next to me to ask if she was OK, and understanding my phobia, he'd ask. Every f-cking time this girl would say "I'm ok" or something similar to that. One class, she straight up ran out of the classroom acting like she was going to puke just to get people to notice her.

People who fake illnesses for attention are really the worst type of people


They See Me Rollin'


Playing music in public without using headphones.

Driving slowly through a parking lot, windows down, blaring music.


"I'm Totally Wearing My Favorite Thong!"

When people unnecessarily loudly discuss things that are prone to catch attention like: the color of their underwear, their date last night, their favorite sex position, etc.


THIS. I'm a bartender; this one day, this couple comes in. The girl was nice, but the guy was a douche. Didn't like the policy of needing to show I.D. with his credit card, and then just was passive aggressive towards me for most of the day, not tipping either. And then at some point, as they're carrying out their conversation, completely inaudible, I walk by them to get something from behind the bar close to where they were sitting. All of the sudden I hear him loudly say (as part of their conversation) "well what can I say, I like sex!" Followed by a long, awkward pause.

I refused to look over, I knew he wanted me to react. I just went about my job acting like I didn't even hear it.


What's the thing you think of most when someone wants attention? Share it with us!

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