People Explain Which Things Are Extremely Difficult To Make Sexy
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Sexy is different for everyone.

It's like ice cream - everyone has a favorite flavor with favorite toppings...or at least that's what you think until you meet someone who just doesn't like ice cream.

For ice cream lovers, though, is there a flavor you just can't fathom being into?

OK, let's drop the euphemism.

Reddit User toadspool asked:

"What’s extremely difficult to make sexy?"

... so let's talk funky flavors.

Catching More Than Feelings


- WinterBackground7338

"Welp, unless you're into that. There's a 'steamy romance' novel out there called 'Kissing The Corona Virus' lmao"

- Outrageous_Claim_492

"Ever heard of bug chasers?"

- stratosauce

"Currently in bed with Covid, unclothed because of fever. My husband is so conflicted. He really wants to, but at the same time reeeeeally doesn't."

- iatemybabyssnot

That's A Hard One To Digest

Season 2 Chris GIF by Parks and RecreationGiphy

"Having stomach flu"

- TrainwreckMooncake

"My grandparents went to different high schools and met at a sports function. Grandpa didn't have a car. The first time he visited her at her house, his friends drove him and just waited outside."

"Grandma had a stomach bug. She said she knew he liked her because he had every excuse to leave but stayed quite a while to talk, even when his friends occasionally blared the horn to get him to leave."

- Atanion

"Idk about 'sexy' but most people feel a deeper connection when they have to take care of someone during a time of sickness."

- coolusername_png

"Especially when you have stuff coming out of both ends, so you lie in the bathtub while the combined force of v*miting and sh*tting propels you like a beyblade."

- PsychedelicIcyHot


"That mold in your bathroom grout."

- AFCBlink

"hello darkness my old friend"

- LordGeneralTimmy

"Oh those spores just make me so wet"

- master_meme_monk

"1part baking soda, 1part dish soap"

"Mix about 30 times and scrub with an old tooth brush and voila! You now have a sexy bathroom grout"

- Scorface

"Yo I have had this in my house for like a year and I always mop it away with hot ass water but it always creeps back months later. How do you get rid of that lol"

- ironicallyunstable

Walrus Love

"You know that thing at the Chinese restaurant where you take the chopsticks and you stick them under your top lip on each side of your mouth so it looks like walrus tusks and then you clap your hands and make walrus sounds? It's really hard to do that and make it sexy."

- WerewolfUnable8641

"On the contrary, this is very sexy to walruses."

- IndigoFenix

"Talk dirty to me..."

"Arf Arf Arf!"

- shanster925

Elmo Shamed

Tonight Show Television GIFGiphy

"As a parent, wanting to get it on but having to push all the toddler toys and stuffies off the bed"

- urchisilver

"Yeah whenever Tickle Me Elmo is laying nearby and gets activated by my thrusts and starts laughing it really destroys my self esteem, the little punk."

- redfoot62

"Elmo slutshames you."

- Kevin_M_


"The name 'Bob.' Like, what do i do with that?"

- ImaginaryNewspaper89

"Bob is short for Robert so you just go by Roberto instead and now you got that sexy Spanish sounding name."

- Dragosal

"Que Linda Belcher 'Oh Bobby, Oh Bobby!' "

- Ghostshaddow

"Both of my grandfathers went by "Bob" and now I have disturbing scenarios in my head. Thanks for that!"

- tekende

No Love Lost

"A loveless relationship"

- spanglesandbambi

" 'Loveless relationship' referring to married or live in couples that have fallen out of love, yet stick with their convenient living situation anyway. Not 'loveless relationship' like sexy random hookups."

"With that definition, it sounds pretty terrible."

- oby100

"Been there, not sexy at all. It's a form of hell, really."

- Pom_Pom_1985

Sock Sex

"When the time is right, there's no sexy way for a man to take off his socks."

"The best way is to hide it, by taking each one off with its respective pant leg."

"Second best is peel most of the way and flick into the laundry pile, but if you miss, it reminds your wife of all the times you just leave your clothes where they drop, and it ruins her mood, and you're probably gonna have a honey-do list in the morning, and very few wives have ever put 'me' on the honey-do list."

"And then there's the granola boys in their sandals... Lucky bastards."

- tarhoop

Comic Fans Are All Over This One

tom hardy bane GIFGiphy

"A cpap machine"

- mrpbeaar

"Lol my fiancée refers to mine as my bane mask. I think she found her own way to see it as sexy."

- chron67

"It’s like f*cking Darth Vader. Star Wars nerds are all over that."

- Joeyjackhammer


"Egocentric and narcissistic people."

"But of course, every person feels different about this. The more other people like to get laid by egocentric and narcissist humans, the less I have to deal with it."

- Koetjeka

"People like this are like catnip to an old friend of mine, though."

- BarbicideJar

"Dude, at least one-third of anime/manga fandom are down bad for the worst characters lmao"

- wholesomeyartist

"the only true answer to this question"

- Rabit_x

Okay well ... we've learned today that maybe there really is someone for everyone ...

So, uh, narcissistic men named Bob who struggle to take their socks off and think the chopstick walrus thing is awesome, I guess this one was for you?

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