People Divulge Unconventional Things That Turn Them On

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We all have different opinions about dating, marriage, and even our sex lives, but one thing we can all agree on is that we should have a good time.

And some people are not shy about sharing what makes them happy.

Redditor mini-mum-wage asked:

"What is an unconventional thing you find sexy?"

Just Hands

"Hands, it’s so f**king stupid, I know, but I swear to god, when I see large and veiny (not like grandpa veiny but still) hands, I’m giggling and swinging my feet, twirling my hair, and everyone around is absolutely hornswoggled."


Like the Song

"I like a girl in a short skirt and a looooooong jacket."

- Horsetoots

A Preview

"When hubby reaches for something above his head and his shirt rises just enough that his belly idea why but damn, gets the lady bits all worked up."

- No_touchie_ma_boobs


​"The little curly wispy hair at the base of a girl's hairline."

"No idea why."

- stumpdawg

It Hits Different

"I think it is hot if a middle-aged woman wears a business suit and puts her hands on her hips and tells me she is disappointed with me."

- inkseep1

A Proper Sailor

"Ability to cuss effectively and within context."

- Adventurous-Flow4228

Symmetry Who?

"I find an asymmetrical smile very cute. There’s a YouTube channel Charismatic Voice and she is a good example of what I mean as she often smiles higher on one side. It doesn’t seem super common but I’ve noticed it as a trait of a few people."

- Eternal-Bagel

Passionate Chats

"I love when they get lost in their thoughts and talk about what interests them. Eventually, they come back to reality and apologize for rambling but I tell them to continue."

"You know they've been hurt before but they're with me now, and I love the passion."

- YaFairy

Occasional Exposure

"When the nape of the neck is exposed on someone who typically has their hair down… Good God."

- ceaseless-watcher

Knowledge is Sexy

"I like a girl I can learn from, even if she's not like directly teaching me but I can still learn something from watching her."

- SleepySleeprsn

Nervousness is Interesting

"When a guy is nervous when he's talking to me and his voice quivers."

- agentscully222


"I seem to be in a small minority of people in preferring partners my own height. I think there's something really sexy about seeing literally eye to eye."

- Emu_on_the_Loose


"When men blush. Goodbye, panties."

- Think_Doughnut628

Lines Tell a Story

"Laugh lines on a guy’s face. My boyfriend has the most beautiful perfect little creases on an otherwise smooth face. it’s so enchanting because he’s otherwise a very stoic person."

- ReasonablePudding96

What's on the Face Counts

"Big or unique noses. It's something I've always loved about other people, and in recent years, it's something I've come to love about myself."

- strawberryyogurt_

This was a fun reminder that everyone has their own preferences, and something that may not work for someone will make someone else very, very happy.

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