Being the boss can really suck.

I've done it a few times.

One of the worst things is terminating people.

It might sound glamorous and it can be a slight power trip.

But in the end it sucks.

Even when people deserve it, being the messenger is stressful.

Nobody wants to ruin another person's day or life.

Let's see who else agrees.

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Man walking away with a briefcase
Marten Bjork/Unsplash

One must really hate their job in order for them to get fired.

Depending on the actual job, it's not that difficult to follow established rules and work protocols. Deviating from them just to get terminated can take more effort.

That is, of course, the employees are completely inept or severely disgruntled and have no problem going on a self-sabotaging mission to be let go.

Why can't they just quit, you ask? Well, that'll be less dramatic.

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Man filling out paperwork
Scott Graham on Unsplash

While we all have to do it so that we can pay our bills, some of us would definitely not work if we didn't have to.

But that has less to do with our work ethic and more to do with some of the terrible work experiences we've had.

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Four men in a boardroom read over a document
Sebastian Herrmann on Unsplash

Everyone needs a job and hopefully a career down the line, but we shouldn't have to achieve these life requirements through desperation.

Too many places of employment are riddled with secrets.

There are reasons places are constantly in need of staff.


When we're interviewing, we have to read between the lines and do company research.

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woman in black long sleeve shirt wearing black framed eyeglasses using macbook on Unsplash

We need all kinds to make the world go round. This includes all kinds of people with all kinds of skillsets to do all kinds of jobs.

However, some jobs just aren't needed.

Sometimes it's because the occupation itself is silly. Other times, it's because the company went under or switched directions, but kept paying you for a job that no longer existed.

Whatever the case, Redditors have lots of stories about useless jobs and why they are considered useless, and are ready to share.

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