The body is a naked flesh canvas, though some people do run out of room after awhile. Tattoos have become one of the most genuine and creative ways for people to express themselves and tell their stories; or display talent. I have seen some exquisite renderings on a muscular back.

Ink is forever. Which is why its good to put some thought into your body art. Some of the tattoos people choose to mark themselves with can leave witnesses speechless, and not in a good way.

Redditor u/saxonn_88 wanted to hear the details behind some of the most obscure body art people have come across by asking.... Which type of tattoo makes you cringe the most?

No to Molly

stephen kings it clown GIF Giphy

The tattoo of a clown holding a gun smoking a joint on my leg. It was done when I was a ten in an apartment.

instant shame


Antler Art

I don't know the exact English word but in German it's called "butt antlers". I'm not sure what it's actually supposed to represent but it kind of looks like you've got a deer inside your pants.


Now I want to see actual antlers tattooed as a tramp stamp.


OK, no, I didn't really want to see that. I wouldn't click this if I were you.



Lips on the neck.

I get it, you're a gangster with an attitude problem and probably want to fight.


You get a lot of people with Albuquerque and the New Mexico State symbol tatted on them as well. ABQ is notorious for sh!tty tats... a lot of the work I've seen since living here is really bad honestly.


Joke's on You

heath ledger joker GIF Giphy

Nothing says "I've been to prison for cooking Meth in my trailer" like a Joker neck or face tattoo.


I knew a guy who got a green question mark because his name was Maurice and because of that song. I'm a joker, I'm a smoker, I'm a midnight toker. I am a comic book fan and told him that's the Riddler's symbol, the Joker's symbol, if any, is the Joker's face. He hung his head and was like, yeah, I know.


Uncouple Please

Couple tattoos like portraits or names. Mostly when they proudly tell you it's because they've been together for 5 months and just know they stay together forever.


The more crap a couple does to prove they're gonna be together forever, the less I believe they're gonna be together forever.


Yeehaw Fail

Sayings, especially ones that span multiple limbs/areas.

I was in the Army with a guy from Texas that thought he was hard as woodpecker lips. Had 'Cowboy The F Up' tattooed across his forearms (ostensibly so if he put his fists up to fight you, you would read it and... I don't know, be scared or something? He never got in any fights that I know of.) But due to the size he wanted it and sh!tty planning, one arm said COWBOY THE and the other arm simply read F UP. And he immediately became known as Cowboy, the f-up.


Oh Karna....

Just saw a couple of days ago a writing on some dude: "Karna isn't a witch" - just as I wrote it.


He's just expressing support for his friend Karna. She might not be a saint, but she isn't a witch.


To be fair, Karna is one of the most interesting characters of Mahabharata, a Sanskrit epic. Oh, and "Karna" literally translates to ear.

Sure hope his ear isn't a witch! :D


Stay with Adults


Those creepy faces of babies, which looks like there's a little demon on your body.


Baby face are so hard to get right. They don't have the same proportions as adults. Even drawings of babies are creepy 9/10 times.


The Neck Area

I once stood in line behind a lady who had, like, the bad tattoo parade going from the nape of her neck. She had "Only God Can Judge Me", something in Asian characters, and an ugly, faded, poorly drawn crucifix.


I hope the Asian part wasn't her name spelled out in katakana. Really common and really weird. Like you are worried about turning up unconscious in a lost-and-found in Tokyo and this is the only way they'll be able to identify you. All our names sound stupid in the katakana version.


Don't Phone My Home

Sci-Fi Movie GIF by MANGOTEETH Giphy

When I was in college my friend was talking to some girl he worked with and she brought her very trashy, older friend.

The friend had a tattoo on her shoulder of a face. I said "you must really like E.T, that movie scared the crap out of me as a child." I was being honest, I thought it was E.T. It turns out that it was her daughter. Her daughter looked just like E.T.


How Lyrical?

Knew of a guy once who had "DUBSTEP" tattooed on his chest in VERY VERY large letters. He also insisted that dubstep was the future of music and was here to stay.


Even if it was here to stay, that's still a really stupid tattoo. It would look equally stupid to have POP or HIPHOP on your chest too.



phoenix wright objection GIF by Cheezburger Giphy

A defendant in the courtroom I clerked in during law school had "homicide" tattooed on his face, over his eyebrow. Not a great look.



I work with the deceased. I've seen a direct correlation between "ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME" tattoos and being a victim of gunshot homicide. Juggalo tattoos don't bode well for MVAs. Tasmanian Devils go hand in hand with gastric bleeds from chronic alcohol consumption. The clinically depressed seemed to like dolphins.


A Gift

Tattoos that are gifts from you to someone else. For example "For your birthday, I got your birth date tattooed on me!"

And tattoos with spelling errors. Example "Were you really there if you think you were their?"


I thought tattoo presents were just... paying for your friend's tattoo. I'm glad I didn't know that, and wish I could unknow it.


Oh CB....

Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes peeing on stuff. Except the one from Hot Rod with one stream of urine going on the TV set and one going on the FM radio with an AM radio safely dry in the middle on a magic carpet.



stamp GIF by South Park Giphy

I have a tramp stamp that says "no regrets" in very fancy cursive. It's the only tattoo my dad laughed at rather than cringed. I can judge no one.


Body parts

Ones where the person gets a tattoo of someone using either their real nipple or belly button to replace the tattoo of a person's nipple or belly button (e.g. Buddha with real belly button). That is really damn gross, don't get one.


"oh... alright let me go get set up"

My first tattoo I went to get my daughter's name and her birthday. The guy tried so hard to talk me out of it and I couldn't understand why. He goes "man a name and date is just gonna turn into a bad memory one day". And then I realized he thought this was a girlfriend or something. Told him it was my kid and he goes "oh... alright let me go get set up" haha.

More related story. My daughter's mom (ex) has my name tattooed on her wrist and I laugh to myself every time I see her.

FAQs: "he thought you were dating a child??" No I can't imagine. Probably figured it was an anniversary or just didn't look to see what the date actually was.


"Lie to Me"

I'm a tattoo artist. Had a regular come into the shop, he was an older swinger type and my coworker tattooed him.

He got Pinocchio tattooed above his junk with his penis as the nose, and script that said "Lie to Me"

I try not to judge tattoos but I figured you'd all appreciate this one ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Edit: Obligatory "wow this blew up" edit. Thanks everyone for correcting my shrug ♥️


Know what you mean....

mark wahlberg no GIF by Daddy's Home Giphy

Any tattoo with something in Chinese or Japanese written on it. I am learning Japanese coz why not, and I saw this dude with a tattoo saying sakana (fish). I was like, hey what does that mean and he said poison. He may have typed poisson into Google translate lol.


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