People Break Down The Tattoos That Scream 'I Have No Creativity'
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A couple of years ago (ah, yes, remember pre-pandemic times?) I went to a club and while I was with friends and had a decent time, I can't say I was exactly a fan of the crowd.

Then I noticed that quite a few guys there had tattoos of lions wearing crowns on their heads. It felt like a certain kind of cultural thing... all these dudes thinking they're kings or something.

It didn't scream creativity, certainly, but it did give me a chuckle.

People shared their observations after Redditor Peliaroth asked the online community:

"What tattoos scream, 'I have no creativity'?"

"I have two..."

"I have 2 flying birds on my ankle lol. I feel like I belong to this category."


I'll die on the hill that if someone is a sheep for getting a tattoo just because the design is popular then they would also be a sheep for avoiding a design they like just because too many other people have it. Either way you let other people dictate what you do.

"Every man..."

"Every man from Essex that wears those dumb ass tight tops and trousers has a sleeve that has a melting clock. So mysterious."


Essex, huh? So specific. Good to know.


"Remember the mustache tattoos that everyone was getting on the side of their fingers? What happened to those people?"


We don't talk about those people, okay? We just don't.

"I knew a dude..."

"I knew a dude with a microphone on his index finger and he’d hold it up to your face after asking you a question."


I can't decide if I love this or if I find it utterly insufferable.

"Anything copied from..."

"Anything copied from or inspired by the Joker and Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad."


Something tells me that the people who idolize these two characters don't actually know anything about them.

"The owners..."

"The Council Cabbage. The owners always insist it’s meant to be a rose."


This is the best thing I’ve ever heard. Council cabbage. I will remember this.


"The infinity symbol. Or a feather breaking off into birds flying away."


Oh, wow. Are you a member of a camera crew following a third of the men who live in my neighborhood?


"Getting your own name tattooed on you."


Oh, Lord. I have met a few people with tattoos like this. No. Please, no.

"I have a pineapple..."

"I have a pineapple on my upper arm. Why? No reason. I’m not creative and I like to make people wonder."


I can see this driving some people absolutely nuts. It's kind of brilliant, to be honest.

"I know someone..."

"I know someone with that COEXIST bumper sticker tattooed on them. It’s so terrible. I think of them every time I see that sticker on a car."


Oh dear... Do they also have a Subaru logo tattooed somewhere else?

Let's be real though: If you like something, just get it.

Tattoos don't all need to have significant or meaningful stories attached to them. You do you.

Have some observations of your own? Feel free to tell us more in the comments below!

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