I feel like all humans are frightening in general.

We have been for quite some time.

I have a hard time even trusting six-month-olds.

There really is no way to avoid a scary person.

But we can be on the look out for major red flags.

Redditor dxadr0sx wanted to talk about the people who freak us out.

So they asked:

"Who are the scariest types of people?"

Any "type" of person is capable of crazy. That's just fact.

So Easy

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"The scariest kind of person would be someone who manipulates, and lies like it were normal because they’ll easily get you to do things and make you think it was your idea."



'"Friends' at work who are the first to go and tell everyone your personal business along with running their mouth to the bosses about everything behind your back. Act like best friends in person but really try and use the friendship to gain an upper hand at work."


"Happened to me, and I just cannot fathom why. We were interns who had absolutely no chance of being hired--as per the laws in our country as related to our job--, so I have no idea as to why that person tried to bully me and gossip behind my back."



"True gaslighters. Not someone who made a mistake in remembering something but someone who literally reconstructs reality and tells you that's the way it's always been. Tells you you said things you didn't say, changes around what they said, so many changes that it ends up being a complete fabrication that they believe it the truth."

"Then they tell you you're gaslighting them because you don't agree with the fabrication. You have to go no contact or you will go fully insane being led on this merry dance and trying to get them back to reality."



"Those obsessed with another person to an extreme point, be it a celebrity or an ordinary person."


"I know someone who got stalked. I almost never saw the said person without the stalker. The stalker just appeared everywhere and every time, always tried to appear friendly and never went away no matter what. It was an insanely scary thing to witness."


No Limits

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"People who have nothing to lose."


"It sounds like a movie cliche but these people are legit dangerous if you make them mad. They just don't care what happens to them, that's what makes them so dangerous."


Oh those nothing to lose types freak me out.

Hands Down

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"People who feel justified in using violence every time they get the least bit annoyed."


"Especially during clubbing. It's like some people go there to find the tiniest excuse just to start a fight."


Too Soon

"In my experience someone who calls you their best friend after just meeting them. Happened to me twice. They are usually manipulative and abusive."


"You know what scares me the most about your post? I’m mostly without friends these days and struggle to make/maintain friendships in general, so if I did meet someone who instantly declared me their best friend I’d probably be excited instead of raising an eyebrow."

"On the bright side I’m extremely introverted and have ADHD so that tends to weed out highly demanding friendships quite a bit haha."


That Age

"Teenagers are scary at every stage of your life. When you are a child you are scared of them because they are bigger than you, when you are a teenager you are scared because you are constantly surrounded by them, and when you are an adult you are scared of them because you know from experience how reckless and stupid they are."


So Enticing

"A charming sociopath. I have a hunch that I know one, and I call their behavior 'turning on the charm' to get things to go their way. I can tell when they are going to ask me for something because I see their behavior switch."


"A lot of the time though, a psychopath's charm is obviously superficial - but throw high intelligence into the mix and you have a truly terrifying combination."


"Some of the best advice I ever got was to think of charm as a verb. When someone is charming you, they are taking an action."



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"Lie with straight face and have no empathy."


"People who feel no empathy or guilt are the scariest. Who knows what they'll do next."


Just like I said earlier. All humans basically.

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