One of life’s and entertainment’s golden rules is always leave the comedy to the comedians. You really have to know how to land a joke and you really, really should know your audience. You would think couples in long term relationships would be able to handle this issue. But alas… Case in point… Our Redditor […] More
Being a parent is a job where you never get to clock-out. There will always be an issue to attend to or something to fix. They don’t tell you that in the handbooks. And they also don’t tell you that every situation is unique and no definitive answer fits. You’re doing your best, but are […] More
Parenting is hard. You never know the perfect way to discipline. And every parent wants to teach a lesson without inflicting trauma. There is no one way. What is helpful is when both parents are on the same page about said discipline. Confusion in parenting choices can lead to chaos. Case in point… Our Redditor […] More
Redditor Jumpy-Mud32 is a 25-year-old gay man who is from a conservative, White family. When he realized his sexual identity at a young age, he claimed his parents didn’t seem to mind. But when he started dating the man who eventually became his husband, the parents had issues that later led to family drama. When […] More

You can pick a lot of things in your life. Sad to say your parents are not one of those things.

Being a parent, a good parent, is asking a lot of a person.
Put aside your ego, making all decisions around another living individual, and having consideration and care for their feelings can be too much.
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