People Confess Which Things They Find Absolutely Cringeworthy
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We've all displayed embarrassing behavior or actions at one point or another, and we can't seem to shake off the regretful moment.

It just replays in our minds like an endless boomerang.

We are equally embarrassed for those who may have done something spontaneously foolish and have no clue of the mortifying impact of their actions.

It's called cringe, and strangers online had plenty to say about the all-too-familiar phenomenon when Redditor brownGoddess01 asked:

"What is something you find REALLY cringe?"

There is a time and place for things. That doesn't mean the unspoken rule is broken.

Indecent Proposal

"A disastrous engagement during someone else's wedding."

– piglalopa

"El Diablo"

"This happened at my cousins wedding. My other cousin was proposed to by her bf during the reception. The cousin getting married eventually got a divorce and the cousin who was proposed to never got married. My grandma went to her grave calling the guy who did the proposal 'El Diablo.'”


Inappropriate Declaration Of Love

"I used to work wedding receptions. One time during the speeches I witnessed the best friend of the bride profess his love to her, in front of the groom and everybody. It was one of the most awkward/cringiest moments I’ve ever witnessed."

– aande116

There are some things we do that we can't take back.

How Far We've Come

"my past self."

– atermoiment

"That means you’ve grown. Respect."

– joeybagofdonuts80

The Moment We'd Like To Forget

"My mind randomly replaying an embarrassing moment I've done that I want to forget."

– mokimika

Audio Playback

"Listening my recorded voice."

– No-Carrot8948

Some people love living their lives on camera. Some participants don't have a say in the matter. And others just don't wanna see it.

All The World Is A Stage

"Family bloggers. Constantly having your life recorded as a child can really f'k you up. Especially since a lot of the time the parents are just using their children for content."

– guitarcum

Overzealous Parents

"I will extend this to normal people who post every second of their child’s lives, they often hide under ‘it’s so my family can see it’ but it’s not really, is it? Or else you’d have an account just for family not your 900 additional ‘friends’"

– Potatopugz

Crying You A River

"Recording yourself crying on social media."

– satinaboupoupou

Selfie Time

"when individuals share sobbing selfies. No joke, when my friend's sister and her children put their dog to die, she tweeted selfies of them both crying. and the deceased dog."

"Like, is it a private moment of mourning and not a chance for a selfie?"

– Perfect-Respe

Click Bait

"All these 'prank' videos getting millions of views."

"Edit: To be specific, I’m referring to 'prank' videos that are clearly staged."

– Beard341

Unsolicited Life Coach

"People whose lives are an absolute self-induced disaster and post selfies with motivational quotes telling other people how to think and live."

– i_want_that_boat

Being in the entertainment industry and knowing how humbling it is when there are more rejections than there are bookings, we tend to be our own worst critics.

So there's nothing more cringey than revisiting an old recording of myself performing at a high school talent show when my interest in theater was fresh and exciting and I already thought I was a pro.

Unfortunately for teenage me, I was blissfully unaware I had ways to go before honing my craft.

Let's just say that all those old VHS recordings of me performing an imitation of Michael Crawford as the Phantom of the Opera need to be burned.

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No need to watch that again.

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