Tattoo Artists Divulge The Most 'F**ked Up' Thing They've Tattooed
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Do people not realize that tattoos are pretty much permanent?

Do you understand the meaning of forever?!

Permanent or a long, painful removal process, neither sounds fun.

How do you not think on this idea for awhile?

I get art and expression, but that's why God made canvas and paint.

To scar your body with craziness... that just sounds like a cry for help.

Redditorcarlden3wanted to hear all the deets surrounding outrageous body art.

They asked:

"Tattoo artists of reddit, what is the most fucked up thing you've tattooed?"

I have seen some truly off the wall tats in my day. So I'm interested to hear how what I've seen can be topped.

Help Wil E...

"Tattooist here. The list is long but the one that made me laugh the most that I've done, is Wil E. Coyote's arm poking out of a dudes butt, holding a sign that said 'help.'" ~ Goongalagooo



"Not a professional artist, but my brother in law had jerry rigged up a tattoo gun in the garage out of a hand fan, an eraser, bic pen and a sharpened guitar string. Friend wanted to get a quote from Che Guevara, I'd rather die on my hands than live on my knees, or something along those lines... needle broke after the first T... so dude left our house with a fresh 'I'd rat tat.'" ~ whycantifindmyname


"A dude who was a regular customer at an old job got a scorpion on one forearm and a tarantula on the other. Only their heads were replaced by Beavis and Butthead.The lines and details for the arachnid bodies were blown out a bit and blurred- Beavis and Butthead were mostly intact." ~ Vote_4_Cthulhu

"Well crap, I have a tribute to someone close who passed which has his favourite animals wearing Beavis and Buttheads shirts. I see nothing wrong with this." ~ VagueSomething

Billy Jack What?

"Had a woman come into the shop one time way back who looked like she’d been in a tanning booth 8 days a week for the last 40+ years. She wanted to get her locked-up man’s name tattooed on her, but she wanted it 'down there.' She convinced me to get waaaay closer to her jukebox than I was comfortable with, and had me tattoo 'Billy Jack’s P***y' so far up that I think we’re common law related now."

"(Name slightly changed for anonymity). Best part is that a couple weeks later “Billy Jack” called me from prison tell me how much he loved the tattoo. It was a collect call too. God damn it. Thanks for bringing that memory back. I was almost over it, lol." ~ willieyobslayer


"My friend's mom got a Mustang car that transitions into horses. Just like one of the basic infinity tattoos that turns into birds, but with a car and horses." ~ Curly_su3


Seriously? I mean... I have no words.


"I'm a detox nurse. A patient had a penis tattooed on the back of his shin so he could tell people he had a-d**k-shin. Addiction. Not making that up lol." ~ jessica4994



"In prison I knew a guy with half his name scribbled backwards on his forehead. The only explanation I could come up with was he was tattooing himself in the mirror and half way through realized it was coming out backwards to everyone so called it quits." ~ Luke-__-

Over the Pond

"I used to work with a guy who had a tattoo on the side of his body that was a woman squatting over a pond full fire hydrant peeing into it, inside the pond was floating decapitated heads. When I asked him wtf was this he told me that the woman was his ex and the heads were all his kids. I asked why is she peeing on them and he told me he has a pee fetish." ~ Kypriot

I Do... Not!

"Girl had a dream about marrying a dolphin. She got a tattoo of her as a mermaid, rising from the water in an embrace with the dolphin. Halfway through, after hitting on me the whole time and telling me stories about an abusive ex, she started arguing about the colour scheme and left with only the outline and some shading." ~ zombieriot


"My tattoo artist told me he made a snake out of a guy's penis, scales covering the whole thing. Different strokes for different folks. Pretty gnarly." ~ zygomelonm


Oh my.

People, people, people...

To each their own I guess.

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