Ask me what little thing pisses me off and... I wouldn't know where to begin. What does that say about me? Yikes.

You see, there's no shortage of things out there that annoy the hell out of us. There's a recent viral meme that I love because it proudly declares, "I hate going out in public because the people be there." It speaks to me.

But there's more out there to get on our nerves than just people, as we were reminded once Redditor mysteriouslycryptic asked the online community,

"What minor inconvenience drives you f**king insane?"

"It's a scam..."

"Ads about $350 dollar surveys on Instagram. It's a scam and it's annoying as hell."


The WORST. And they're everywhere. Probably a major reason why I don't waste my time on Instagram.


"YouTube turning your whole recommendation page into a topic you've watched two videos of."


The YouTube algorithm is horrible. There, I said it.



"I work so hard and pay so much for good internet. Having 100/100 speeds and being plugged into the router should never have issues."


Thankfully I have amazing internet... but when this happens, it enrages me. There are so many places in this country that lack it.

"People that stick gum..."

"People that stick gum underneath the underside of tables or litter literally anywhere."


This is so nasty. Why are people like this?!

"A lot of people call you..."

"Not even telemarketers, but the scam callers. A lot of people call you like fake Apple call centers asking you to login because of 'security reasons' or whatever."


I don't even answer my phone. If it's that important, you'll leave a message.


"Scientologists. Especially the ones recruiting where my doctor's office is. It's a couple of blocks from the HQ in LA. Thankfully they wear outfits that make them look like ushers at a movie theater back in the 50s and are easy to spot."


I have dealt with a few and this description is spot on.

"When it takes 15 seconds..."

"When it takes 15 seconds for a company to put a fraudulent or unwanted charge on my account but takes 5-10 business days to get it back."


I felt this in my soul. Why is this so true???

"Can't it just start realizing..."

"The human body's need to save EVERY GODDAMN CALORIE it can get hold of. Can't it just start realizing when enough is enough and pass the rest on?"


Ain't that the truth! Curses!

"I was ice fishing..."

"Seeing people leave trash out in nature."

"I was ice fishing this winter and I saw these guys just dump their trash in the hole drilled in the ice. My blood was just boiling at the total disrespect given to nature."


Just don't litter.

Don't do it.

It's the quickest way to teach others that you're an ass.

"We've all been there."

"Poorly synchronized stop lights. We’ve all been there. Stuck at a red light, go a block, hit another red. Go another block, hit another red."

"Seems like with the technology today this should be extremely easy and cheap to fix."


You would think, and yet I see this all the time! So annoying.

Okay, if reading any of these sent your RAGE-O-METER spiking in advance, sorry, dude. I'm just the messenger.

Have some inconveniences in your life that annoy the hell out of you? Feel free to tell us in the comments below!

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