I used to get really angry when the train would be delayed. I used to rush, rush, rush everywhere I went, and drive myself crazy. Finally, I stopped. I don't rush for anyone.

But I have still witnessed people have public meltdowns on train platforms. It's okay, they can't all ascend to a higher realm of consciousness as I have. (Just kidding!) Just don't get me started on how I get when I stub my toe...

It turns out I'm not the only one who has a thing against minor inconveniences. People shared their thoughts after Redditor finallyhomemusic asked the online community,

"What is something that bothers you more than it should?"

"YouTube turning..."

"YouTube turning your whole recommendation page into a topic you've watched two videos of."


The YouTube algorithm is pretty terrible. I think we can universally agree.

"Ads about..."

"Ads about $350 dollar surveys on Instagram. It's a scam and it's annoying as hell."


Few things annoy me more than Instagram ads when I've used the app.

Which is probably why I barely use the app.

"I work so hard..."


I work so hard and pay so much for good internet. Having 100/100 speeds and being plugged into the router should never have issues."


So many people around the United States lack a reliable internet connection and the companies that provide an internet connection know that they have a monopoly on what should at this point be considered a public utility.

"People that stick..."

"People that stick gum underneath the underside of tables or litter literally anywhere."


People who stick gum anywhere are gross and you can't tell me otherwise.

"When people stand..."

"When people stand in the middle of the grocery aisle talking and won’t move."


A little spatial awareness would go a long way but you'd be surprised to know how many people lack it.

"A lot of people call you..."

"Not even telemarketers, but the scam callers. A lot of people call you like fake Apple call centers asking you to login because of 'security reasons' or whatever."


Apple will never call you. It's a shame how many people fall for these tricks.

"When my boss..."

"When my boss tells me to do something I was literally just about to do."


Micromanaging is probably the single most effective way to get people to hate working with you.

"When someone..."

"When someone is waiting for my parking spot. I have no idea why and I always feel like a jerk for getting mad. But I still get mad."


Finding parking can be such a stressful activity to begin with that this doesn't surprise me.

"People who talk..."

"People who talk on their phone on speakerphone in public or anytime there's no reason to. It's disrespectful to the person you're talking to and makes the conversation a lot harder."


I was recently stuck on a train that had to wait for the all clear and people used the time to talk on speakerphone in public to tell their families where they were. It was horrible.



"It's infuriating. Every time I see an ad for literally anything I get irrationally angry out of how obvious they try to sell. The idea of making a sale is so manipulative to me, there is no honesty anymore."


But I ask you... have most ads ever really been honest?

What's that sound you hear? Is that the sound of someone not returning the shopping cart to the corral? Probably, and it's horrible.

Have something that gets you furious that wasn't mentioned here? Feel free to tell us all about it in the comments below!

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