People Explain Which Brands Have Forever Lost Their Business
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Consumers are fickle. We know that as fact. But often consumers are right in their conviction to stay away and leave a product. Of course it doesn't help that most customer service across the board has gone downhill faster than lava from a volcano. Companies have stopped caring about the little people and it shows.

Redditor u/silent_pm wanted to hear what decisions we've all made as consumers by asking..... What brand has lost your loyalty and will never reclaim it?

Half of Nothing. 

Half Price Books.

We were going through a rough time during my freshman year- my mom was sick and out of work, we got behind on bills and lost the house, and ended up having to move into a tiny tiny apartment in the dead of winter. Since we wouldn't have enough room for everything, even with a storage unit, it was decided that I would have to get rid of some of my books. By some, I mean the majority of my collection.

In the end, I filled three storage bins with books I'd taken great care of growing up and we made our way to Half Price Books, foolishly thinking we'd get a fair price for what was essentially my childhood. At the selling desk, I made it very clear that I only wanted an estimate and would take my books elsewhere if I felt I was being lowballed. The girl at the desk assured me I'd get an estimate and told me to come back in an hour, considering how many books they would have to inspect. An hour later, I make my way to the desk only to be told that the most they'd give me was $15, take it or leave it.

I was heartbroken and outraged, and demanded that my books be returned, only to be told that some were already being processed into the system while others had already been thrown away, so there was no way I'd get them back. I ended up leaving in tears with only fifteen measly dollars and a broken heart to show for my troubles. I will never, and I mean NEVER shop or sell at Half Price Books again, and if ever anyone asks my opinion of them, I tell them about my terrible experience.

I simply cannot forgive a company that would see child making one of the most difficult decisions in their fourteen years of life and not only kick her while she's down, but rub salt in the wounds just because they can. Forget Half Price Books. jessicat707

I Hate You All!!


Gillette because of how expensive their razors are.

Old Navy. Their clothes fall apart quickly. Not bad for toddlers since they go thru them so fast.

Time Warner/Spectrum. Cable company that does typical cable company bull.

Nestle. I hope they choke on acid rain. T4R6ET

Not the Way...

United Way (charity).

Coworker gets cancer and we set up a big jar in the cafeteria for donations to help her with treatments. United Way comes in and tells us that they have an "exclusive contract" with our company (large, international company) to be the sole recipient of any charitable donations on the property and demanded that we remove the solicitation jar and cease any fundraising for coworker's cancer treatment.

They had an annual "drive" where department heads competed to have the most donations and ongoing monthly contributions, but the next year the number of participants in the company dropped to almost nothing. Good. Javaman1960

Loyalty Over. 

I freaking hate Adobe. I mean I was never really loyal to them but I've had the misfortune to require certain paid features of Adobe acrobat.

At Adobe everything is money. Money money money, must funny, in an Adobe's world.

I do my best to avoid having to use adobe products, except now I'm requiring substance painter (allegorithmic software... Owned by guess who). Hey at least the student license is free.

But forget adobe. Microsoft could also go screw themselves but I need windows, I hate apple just as much. I've tried Ubuntu but it's inadequate and painful for what I use a computer for. KasparTheFriendlyGuy

Not with moves like that. 

Tim Hortons. Larger coffee chain in Canada. When Ontario raised minimum wage, they took away paid breaks, their dental plan, and started charging for uniforms. Completely bull from a company that makes millions and markets itself as so wholesome they're part of our culture. Not with moves like that. BeerDrinkinGreg

So Dumb...


Benefit cosmetics after their 'you don't need to be clever, you're pretty!' campaign.

SA & AS are a No! 

Salvation Army and Autism Speaks SA doesn't help any of the woman they take in, and are just horrible people. AS doesn't help autistics, they're more of a hate group towards them. Idk if those count. stardirection-

Don't be cheap...

Pyrex. They became trusted because their cookware was borosilicate glass which withstands temperature change super well, but now they switched to soda lime glass and rode their good reputation out with higher profit margins from cheap materials. SlabGizor120

The Best 'Actually, You're Speaking To The Boss' Experience | George Takei’s Oh Myyy

Old News....


Kat Von D

I used to love her makeup - sometimes I'd even want to keep the packing just because I love the look and feel of it all. But she's an anti-vaxxer so now I don't feel like giving her any of my money.


I used to work there and upper management were racist, sexist, homophobic bullies. It's a dating site geared towards marriage and long lasting love, it should be heartwarming to know you're contributing to something like that. Instead I got anxiety so bad the physical symptoms were making my life miserable. I've had nothing positive to say about them since I left. lolihull

If that weren't enough.....


My PS3 account got hacked and someone bought $400 in credits. I contacted Sony and they acknowledged I was hacked, returned my account to me, but refused to give me back my money.

If that weren't enough, I recently got an update on my PS3 that somehow made it unable to work at all. Hraklea

Viewer Monopoly....


Spectrum, will ditch as soon as there is another option. OccasionallyLearning

Yep, they have a monopoly in my city currently, but there is a fiber company slowly spreading. We are switching as soon as it reaches our neighborhood. likemong


Doordash. After it came out that the company routinely keeps the tips rather than giving them to the driver, I said forget them. PermanentNirvana

Also they force restaurants to be on their service even if they don't consent or have their own delivery service. Crap is really scummy. WillTheGrimreaper

So here's how it works. you pay 10$ and tip 3$. the driver is supposed to get 4$. so instead of it being 6$ for DD, 4$ + the 3$ tip, DD would take away from the money they were meant to give the driver. so it would be 9$ for DD, 1$ + the 3$ tip to the driver. So the driver still gets 4$ but it includes the tip. I hope that makes sense. Incredibly scummy, i always tip delivery drivers in cash cause of that. lexid951

Quality over Name....

Black and Decker....

When they started, they made good tools, and continued for many years. They they went broke and sold the name to a mega-corp that slapped the name on their low-end, junk tool line

Brands don't mean anything. Product quality is all that matters. MpVpRb


Planet Fitness. These fools towed my car while I was working out, and refused to reimburse the fee from the tow company. Then when I tried to cancel my membership, I'm told I cannot call I have to come in person or write a hard copy letter. I do the latter, they continue charging. I go in person, an associate "deactivates" the account but I still get charged the next month. Took a third attempt and speaking to a manager for them to surrender my crappy $10 a month. Kanedi4s




They regularly mess up bookings, refuse to take responsibility, refuse to refund money, lie to you and try to frustrate you into giving up on getting your money back.

No, Expedia, I will not accept credit to your service when you charge close to $1000 to my credit card without authorization. AreWeCowabunga

 "we're closed" 


They gave me a car with a missing oil cap and almost left me stranded in rural Germany.

We drove from Berlin to Neuschwanstein and noticed the car acting funny the closer we got. Afterwards we checked the engine to find oil everywhere. No worries, there was a Hertz in this small town. Unfortunately, the owner refused to help us as they "were closed" and said we have to call the company. This was also late, so every shop in town was closed.

We called Hertz and they recommended we "try putting a bag over it and driving back to Berlin." Luckily we found the cap (it was misplaced) and a number to Germany's equivalent to AAA. Forget Herz. W8sB4D8s

Forget you DC. 


I have curly hair that's also very fine, and I'm really picky about the products I use—I can't use anything that will dry it out or weigh it down. A stylist friend of mine recommended DC to me back in 2012, and I loved it immediately. I went all-in, and for a while DC products were all I was using on my hair.

Apparently a couple years ago they were bought my another company, and the formula for a lot of their products changed. I didn't realize this. Meanwhile, my hair was starting to get really thin. It's normal for me to lose a little bit of hair in the shower, but it was getting really excessive. I figured it was just because I was getting older and my body/hormones were changing. I didn't event think that it could have anything to do with my beloved hair products.

Then I joined a group for curly-haired folk and learned that a lot of DevaCurl users were having the same issues with hair loss. Countless before/after photos convinced me that I wasn't just losing my hair due to bad genetic luck. I got rid of all my DC products and, after some research, started a new product regimen. Slowly but surely, my hair is starting to recover. I feel so betrayed, though. And despite hundreds of customers complaining to the company, they have yet to acknowledge or address the problem. Salsa__Stark

Oh Nestle...

Nestle. They're making a huge profit off of Canadian fresh water and paying next to nothing in taxes. DiarrheaKing021

Yes indeed. Not the only place they stole from.

Nestle pumped water for 28 years after its permit expired in the San Bernardino National Forest and continued pumping large quantities during severe droughts when surrounding residents and businesses were on water rationing.

They didn't stop until a local newspaper ran a series of investigative reports and national newspapers picked up the story. Then Nestle filed a lawsuit, hired the forest service employee who had supposed to be keeping the permits up to date, and quietly moved its operation to a nearby native American reservation where it continues to deplete the same aquifer. Meanwhile Nestle moved its US headquarters to another state to evade potential state regulation. doublestitch


Comcast. Many many years of foolery. Once I moved from a top floor apartment to a ground floor apartment in the same complex. I notified them ahead of time and they told me they had it all set so that it would switch that day, no problems at all. I called them about four times, a guy came out and looked at it, and then I spent a solid four hours on hold, only for the woman to come on the line and tell me I hadn't moved from Apt. 200 to Apt. 100, I had moved from 100 to 200. I explained she was incorrect, and she called me a liar.

In addition, my mother passed unexpectedly ten years ago. My sister immediately brought her Comcast equipment back and the company said they were so sorry to hear what happened, and there would be no additional charges from them and the account was squared away. As Mom's executor, I began receiving bills from them every month. Every month I would call and explain and they would say, "Oh, yes, I see the notes, we're sorry; it won't happen again."

Every month another bill would come, and every month it would be larger, with more late fees added. Finally after about the tenth time it happened I was really testy about it, and they were like, "Let me put you on hold; you'll have to speak to my supervisor." The supervisor gets on and immediately says, "The REASON your mother's BILL is so high is that she is NOT MAKING PAYMENTS!" and I lost it and screamed, "THAT'S BECAUSE SHE'S DEAD!" They put me on hold a looooooong time after that and when we were done, I never heard from them again. annaflixion




They are disguises as a charity when in fact they are nothing if the sort:

When your regional CEOs get hundreds of millions as a BONUS, but they can legally pay WELL under minimum wage because the employee wouldn't otherwise be enjoyable... they are crap.

Their merchandise costs them NOTHING because it's all donated. They get huge tax breaks because of their charitable status.

They have many programs to help the disabled, but again, they themselves treat the disabled horribly. MyBroPoohBear


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