People Explain Which Actors Portrayed A Role So Well They Can't Imagine Anyone Else Playing It
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Major props should always be given to casting directors who have nailed it with their choice of actors to portray specific roles.

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I can't stand Adam Sandler films most of the time. They're a little juvenile for me to be honest, not that he hasn't made some comedies I enjoyed (The Wedding Singer and 50 First Dates come to mind).

But Sandler can also turn in an excellent dramatic performance from time to time. Check out Punch-Drunk Love some time. He and Emily Watson have some startling chemistry. More recently, Uncut Gems demonstrated how Sandler can thrive in a film of an even darker nature.

He won significant acclaim for both and is a perfect example of an actor best known for comedies who showed that they also happen to be an excellent dramatic actor.

There are others, of course. We heard more about them after Redditor 40oz2_freedom asked the online community,

"Who is a good comedic actor that ended up being a great dramatic actor?"
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People Debate Which Actor Would Make The Best Devil
Photo by Sander Meyer on Unsplash

Why do we love the Devil?

We can't help ourselves.

He's one of the most ancient and cryptic characters of all time.

And when he's on screen... you can't not watch.

Currently on my soap opera "Days of Our Lives" one of the main characters is possessed.

It's so much fun.

Now who needs the Devil on their acting resume?

Redditor 70701 wanted to debate some casting choices. They asked:

"Morgan Freeman was well accepted as the actor to play god, which actor would you nominate to play the devil in all future depictions?"
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People Explain Which Actors Performed A Role So Well That No One Else Could Match It
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Hollywood remakes are to be expected, with directors given an opportunity to revive an impactful story for a new generation of audiences.

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I was recently thinking about Winona Ryder, an actress I've always loved, who was crucified by the media because of her shoplifting arrest. Ryder dealt with emotional problems for several years and she was treated terribly at trial. The media circus cost her acting work and she took a long break before re-emerging as a character actress and slipping back into more substantial roles.

It was grossly unfair, and an example of the power the tabloid press can wield. Ryder is fortunate to have a successful career and has for the last few years starred on Netflix's Stranger Things. But she is sadly not the only person to be crucified by the media.

People shared their thoughts after Redditor Mush_Committee_9335 asked the online committee,

"Who was someone done dirty by the media?"
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