I have loved so many celebs that trying to give an actual number would be futile.

The list is endless.

But isn't that true for all of us?

To dream about the unattainable is normal. And fun.

Just like in that famous episode of Friends, we all get a celebrity pass or two.

Who is on your mind?

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Have you ever seen someone take to the role of villain so easily and so well that you forever associate them with that role from then on?

Whether or not it's the first time you saw Othello in your community or the first time you saw What Lies Beneath with Harrison Ford as a murdering, unfaithful husband—it sticks with you.

It can become difficult to separate the human actor behind the role from the role when you're younger and even more so, when you are deeply affected by the movie. They become the face of something you loathe, and it's difficult to divorce them from that.

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Every now and then, an actor lands a dream part. It brings them fame and it brings them fortune.

It can even typecast them, because the role becomes so iconic that audiences have trouble seeing them as anyone else.

Anthony Hopkins is a brilliant actor. He's won two Oscars, including one just earlier this year for The Father. But if you ask the average moviegoer their thoughts on Hopkins, they're bound to rave to you about The Silence of the Lambs—which Hopkins won his first Oscar for.

Is Hopkins more than Dr. Hannibal Lecter?

Oh, absolutely. Just check out his impressive body of work.

But is his performance so iconic that to many audience members, he'll forever be that character? Also yes.

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As an actor, I find it insulting when other actors' accents are not correct. It's simple if you can't do the part, then please don't!

And completing the part may very well be mastering an accent different from your voice. Get a coach, get a teacher... WATCH A MOVIE FROM THE REGION!

This is not an arduous task to take part in, especially if you're being paid!

Get it together, people.

Redditor bungeeman wanted to discuss and critique all the bad acting we've had to listening to, by asking:

What's the worst attempt at an accent you've ever heard in a movie or TV show?
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When performers are "known" for a particular performance or type of character, it's easy to brush them off as someone whose work you don't like. So you just don't watch most of the rest of their stuff, going about your life not even thinking about them.

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