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After we've watched a movie, it can be difficult to imagine the film as a project that took months or years to finally culminate into the product we see at the theater or on our television.

But it was built and hacked together, piece by piece.

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Be it a novel, play, television show, or movie, it has a protagonist.

Because, frankly, it needs one. The main character provides the lens through which we watch the action, and their emotional journey through some conflict is what drives the whole plot.

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Art is subjective. We all don't agree on what is a superlative and what is not. So when it comes to judging acting and thespians it can be difficult. Some people are decent and entertaining because we enjoy their same old shtick. But you can't all that range. Some actors make a brand and a fortune playing the same part on repeat. It's not a sin but it's also not... "Oscarworthy."

Redditor u/HotfoxK wanted to discuss the thespians that seem to repeat performance by asking.... What actor is the most guilty of playing the same exact character every film?
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Meeting your idols and favorite artists is a slippery slope. We always seem to forget that they are just normal people, who just happen to live fabulous and glorious lives; through the lens of the media machine of course. We don't know them personally, we just think we do. So it can be the greatest moment ever, or a soul crushing disaster when we finally come face to face with them.

Redditor u/TheBreadMan42069 wanted to hear about the famous faces they've encountered by asking.... What celebrity have you met that was surprisingly nice/rude?
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What do you think it would be like to be the child of a celebrity?

How about the cousin or the parent? It's almost weird to think of actors as anchored to the world by family since they bounce from project to project and from person to person so easily.

Still, their families exist. And they must feel some kind way seeing them everywhere.

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