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No one likes to be inconvenienced, but we learn how to handle it.

After all, if there's a car accident along the side of the road and emergency vehicles have narrowed the road down to one lane, there's not much you can do. Just sit, wait, let them do their jobs, then keep driving.

Yet, somehow the smaller inconveniences, the minute ones that shouldn't affect your day, typically make things much worse.

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People Divulge The Petty Annoyance They Wish They Could Inflict On Their Worst Enemy
Yogendra Singh on Unsplash

For some of us, there is that one person who is the antithesis of all that is good.

Whether they have wrong us in the past or continue to knowingly torment us, our instinct to give them a taste of their medicine begins to brew.
But we would never act out on our most devious inclinations to cause harm or violence on our enemy because that would place us at the same level as them.
What if we could get some sense of satisfaction by making their life, if only for a brief moment, a kind of hell for them?
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Ask me what little thing pisses me off and... I wouldn't know where to begin. What does that say about me? Yikes.

You see, there's no shortage of things out there that annoy the hell out of us. There's a recent viral meme that I love because it proudly declares, "I hate going out in public because the people be there." It speaks to me.

But there's more out there to get on our nerves than just people, as we were reminded once Redditor mysteriouslycryptic asked the online community,

"What minor inconvenience drives you f**king insane?"
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The internet can be funny sometimes, lest we forget.

While most online discourse is used today to discuss the fate of underrepresented people, the inherent evil of politics and the mistakes of powerful people that will lead to the downfall of civilizations, there is a time and place to have a break.

Today is that day.

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People Break Down Life's Worst 'Skinny People' Problems
Image by Deedee86 from Pixabay
"I'd rather be thin than famous." So began one of beat poet Jack Kerouac's poems in his iconic volume, Mexico City Blues.
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