People Explain Which Minor Inconveniences Absolutely Drive Them Crazy
Image by Shanon from Pixabay

A pet peeve is basically there to push you over the edge for no apparent reason.

They creep up on you, unexpectedly, when you're just trying to have a good day, and devastate your already frayed nerves.

What did we ever do to deserve this?

One Reddit user witchyblackmore asked:

What mild inconvenience angers you quickly?

Here were some of those answers.

Slow Movers

"People slow walking/standing on a pathway.. especially if it's crowded like, do you mind acknowledging other people exist and are moving so at least make some space and or have a sense of your environment? Some people can be so self-centered; like, no wonder automobile accidents happen regularly."


'Ow' to 'Oh No'

"When I hit my head by accident I completely lose it. Like accidentally hit the car door when getting groceries out of the car and suddenly I'm raging for no apparent reason against everyone and anything."


My??? House????

"When people start playing music or videos out loud from their phone without headphones at a cafe, restaurant, or waiting room like they are just chilling at home. Some people are unbelievably self-centered and rude."


Just Read The Dang Resume

"When using indeed you need to upload a resume and fill out questions that teasing a resume would solve. Sometimes you can use that to apply for jobs, other jobs require going through their own site and upload a resume. They try to autofill the pre selected boxes but always manage to screw it up and you're forced to basically enter you resume manually again."

"You have my information and you have my resume- why tf does applying for a job takes 20 minutes with patience, 3 days if I give up, and up to a week if I'm applying by phone but don't have my resume on it. YOU HAVE ALL THE INFORMATION YOU NEED. WHY IS THIS SO ANNOYING"


Just Break The Hanger? Ja.

"Clothes hangers with those shoulder divets. Every time I pull a shirt off, the other side manages to get caught. My wife is used to finding tiny shards of demolished clothes hangers on the closet floor because I. Win."


Tweeze This

"Stupidly specific- dropping a tiny yet important object on the floor."

"I'm a jeweler and i spend waaay too much time crawling around my carpet looking for the 3mm sapphire that wouldn't stay in the damn tweezers."


Ouch Ouch Ouch

"I have two symptoms of neuralgia/neuropathy:"

  1. Random, highly sensitive pain with no cause. When it happens, something like small breeze or my shirt brushing my skin can make me wince in pain. 5/10 in terms of pain.
  2. A minor burning sensation on my fingers like I just touched something spicy and didn't wash my hands yet. 0/10 in terms of pain.

"#2 drives me nuts. The pain I can deal with, but the "spicy finger" is utterly annoying. I have to keep my thumb planted on something cool at all times or I can't focus. It's happening right now. UGGGGGGH."


Pets Or Pests?

"The sound of a cat grooming itself or a dog licking. I absolutely cannot handle those noises."

"Also the neighbors dogs barking incessantly. I find that to be the most infuriating thing and completely disrespectful of other neighbors. Our animal control is a joke here too."


What Have You Been Doing????

"People not being ready when you get to the front of the line. Especially airports, be ready with your ID/boarding pass for checking bags and you be ready at security. Missed a flight once because of this, I was livid."


Owies For Days

"I have never been closer to violence at the workplace or even literally throwing whatever project I'm working on across the room than the few instances that I've managed to hit my hand with a hammer multiple times in quick succession"

"Physical pain gets under my skin quicker and more aggravatingly than any amount of unwarranted verbal abuse, random change of plan, or infuriating sound. Physical pain can't be fixed by finding the person causing it once it's happened, you can't be passive aggressive, or just walk away from it. Physical pain will be there to remind you of how you just done goofed, and it'll always be in the way just enough to make whatever you're doing more miserable"


Loose Screws

"I'm a machinist, and the tools that we use often have screws that are around 1/16" which we are required to replace while wearing 1/8" thick cut-proof gloves over top of a metal, tank-tread style conveyor belt. I feel your pain. Well, I feel my pain, because I refuse to wear the gloves, but I also still lose a lot of screws."


Abrupt Halt

"People stopping abruptly in the MIDDLE of a walkway"

"Especially airports"


Honk Happy

"People honk repeatedly in traffic or just busy lanes like it can make any difference??"


Streaming Interruptions

" youtube flips its sh*t and plays two or three ads in succession."

"God friggin' bless ad-blockers :D"


Digital Malfunction

"The time clock at work not reading my fingerprint. I wanna start screaming and rip the thing off the f'king wall."


Loud Chompers

"People eating cereal or chewing near me."


Pet Sounds

"The sound of a cat grooming itself or a dog licking. I absolutely cannot handle those noises."

"Also the neighbors dogs barking incessantly. I find that to be the most infuriating thing and completely disrespectful of other neighbors. Our animal control is a joke here too."


Clueless Folk

"Oblivious people with zero situational awareness."



"when you have plans with another person and they keep pushing the time back"


Let's be honest. We all let the small stuff get to us no matter how hard we try. Go easy on yourself if you can't let it all roll off your back. Because it gives us great articles like this! Feel free to share your annoyances in our comment section below.

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