People Explain Which Things Aren't Exactly Torture But Sure Feel Like It
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We liken too many things to "actual" torture.

We're spoiled and entitled and most of us couldn't handle real torture.

But we are who we are.

So let's discuss all the things that give us massive discomfort.

One Redditorwanted to discuss the things that cause us stress and a touch of ouch.They asked:

"What isn’t torture but feels like it is?"

Torture is everywhere. I hate mosquitoes. They were created by the devil.


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"Faking interest in a conversation you want no part of."


"Trying to have a conversation and the other person giving you nothing."



"Slow internet."


"AOL dial-up.. the image downloads from the top one line of pixels at a time, you'd get to see the head and shoulders of a naked women, then have to wait 20 minutes to see the boobs because it keeps disconnecting."


"Reading this while laying in a tent in the middle of Yosemite Valley. Lol gets me right in the feels."


Snout Issues

"When you prepare for a sneeze but it won't come out."


"And you try everything, even tickle your snout, When you feel the urge, you know it's all about. Stuck in your no-hoose Lights will guide you home. The sneeze it shakes all your bones. And I will say 'bless you' Guitar solo.'


"I actually found a solution to this for myself, if I press a specific spot on my nose the sneeze comes out, very handy!"


Power Off

"Having to sit through an interminably long PowerPoint presentation when the presenter is literally just reading off the slides. Email it to me if that’s all you’re going to do because I can read off slides too. Then seeing there’s still like 22 slides to go."


"And then they give you printed copies of the 23 slides, I per page."


Actual Torture

Frustration No GIF by SpongeBob SquarePantsGiphy

"An endometrial biopsy. Legit torture."


"After mine my doctor said that some women liken it to labor pain. I just stared at her because I had no idea it would feel like the worst 30 seconds of my life."


This is why I hate doctors. No thank you.

Hire Me

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"Job interview."


"I hate that this is the case. An interview done well should be trying to figure out if both parties are a good fit for each other. I've been lucky to be in good groups with smart managers, and the resulting organization is great because of it."





"Actually, artificially or intentionally inducing anxiety is indeed torture, and is one of the most prevalent types. The fact that some of us just exist in that space is freaking excruciating some days, and I wish more people understood that."


"Agreed, especially when it’s so debilitating to the point you’re literally trying not to pass out in social situations and have to pretend like you’re not dying."



"Having a swollen taste bud on your tongue."


"Oh my gosh, it is seriously insane how ridiculously painful it is for such a tiny bit of your body. That and when you have one of those horrible deep pimples develop right under your nose/on your lip."


"Oh god yes! I went through a period of ill health (thank you childcare germs) between Feb-March of this year, culminating in covid, and over the 2 months I had a couple of swollen taste buds at a time, a new one always appearing when another subsided. I was miserable."


Too Much

"Being in a public place or event for an hour after your social energy runs out. Especially with small children at said event and your family expects you to help keep them entertained and all you want to do is go somewhere quiet on your own stuff away from everyone."


"My social anxiety mixed with my neurodivergent butt and Mexican genes results with me just silently staring at a centerpiece at my family's table, completely disassociated, shutting out the deafening music blasting on all the speakers at 2 AM."


I Love You

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"Developing feelings for someone you're close to but it isn't mutual so you have to try to suppress those feelings while continuing to be friends with that person because you don't want to lose them from your life completely."


Quiet Time

"When people living above you stomp around and flush the toilet every hour until 4:00 am and you need to be up at 5:00 am."


"One of the things I love about my building is that 10pm-6am is 'quiet time,' and it is enforced. If you're being disturbed by your neighbors and call the management office number, they will tell them to knock it off. I've complained several times about the cunts upstairs, but I still sleep with earplugs because I don't want to be a total *itch."



"Waiting room chairs."


"The most brutally uncomfortable waiting room chairs I've ever encountered were at a physical therapist's office. If you didn't need their services already, you damn sure would after sitting on those."


Sounds of Horror

"Listening to someone else's terrible music."


"Ugh. I recently worked with a girl who blasted her favorite music on speakers at our desk. I don't even know what the genre is called. I can best describe it as... the Rent soundtrack performed by one guy with an acoustic/electric guitar and a whiney voice? Who can't actually sing so he just yells a little into the microphone. And a whole lot of pretentiousness from the fans who look down on me for not liking the hipster-esque vibe."



Ricki Lake Teeth GIF by NettaGiphy

"The dentist drill."


"I’m a dental assistant and we always encourage patients to wear headphones because the sounds really freak them out. We give out earplugs if they forget their headphones."


Gotta Go!

"Waiting for someone to get out of the bathroom when you really need to go."


"I have bladder control problems. If the line to the women's is too long, I'm going to the men's room. I'm not having an accident because some ho is trying to stuff a stolen t-shirt in her purse."


Where to Begin?

"Doing taxes. Waiting for your crush to call you after you give them your number. Waiting for final bell in high school. Monday status meetings. Filling out job applications in slightly different ways for dozens of employers. Being forced to work/live/travel with highly toxic people."


Life's Beginning

"The first two months of having a baby."


"I think sleep deprivation is a legit torture technique. And someone told me once that navy seals have to sit in a room with a tape of a crying infant for hours at a time to try and break them down mentally. So I think you may be onto something."


"And I get to experience it for free at home because of my insomnia."


Mariah Everywhere

mariah carey christmas GIF by jecamartinezGiphy

"Having to listen to All I want for Christmas is you every 2 songs as an employee on a mall."


Life itself is torture. I'm now convinced.

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