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Books have been written on this topic, the fundamental differences between men and women. Sometimes they can be stuck in old times, where women need to understand their man is a hard-working businessman who appreciates being greeted with a kiss on the cheek and a martini. We've thankfully moved past that, but it's still fair to say some aspects of the opposite sex might still be confusing to you.

Reddit user, u/AnchiIsOkay, wanted to know the parts that make them scratch their head the most when they asked:

What about the opposite sex confuses you the most?

Burn It Away


how in the hell my wife can take a shower in water that feels to be about 130 degrees without feeling uncomfortable.




Why do they care so much???


Nose Excitement Detachment Is A Real Thing

When women are excited by a nice surprise and start to squee, they first have to check (with both hands!) that their nose hasn't fallen off.


Subtleties Upon Subtleties

Girl told me she loved me yesterday, but then said she wanted some distance. So I don't message her for one day, to give her distance, and she gets made at me for not talking to her.

So basically what confuses me most is how womens' minds work.


Speak Your Mind...Sometimes

Woman: Communication is the key to a good relationship


Man: Hey, sweetie what's wrong?

Woman: Nothing


How Does This Planning Work?

what confuses me the most about a woman:

As a guy, I don't know what days in the month a male can have sex with a female without chance of pregency.

  1. I heard there are 2 or 3 days in the month that a woman don't have eggs so she can have sex without condom. Is this true?
  2. Is it possible for a man to figure out when those 2 days in the month are?
  3. Or is it only p ossible for a woman to figure this out? How?

Keep Your Kink Private

Women of Reddit always says that they watch porn.

But none of my female friends admit to watching it.

Are my friends liars?


Bottle It Up

Men, is the social suppression of emotions so strong that you literally do not cry or only cry in private? Do you even feel comfortable showing emotions at all?

I get this depends on the individual but from what I see/hear I'm genuinely concerned and would like to know what it's like from the perspective of someone that has to confirm to that standard.


Who Puts A Self-Destruct Button On The Outside?

The balls. How it can hurt to just get a light tap but you can pinch that skin as hard as you can and it doesn't hurt.

Like the good Ole "pinch and roll".... Is it itchy on the skin or inside the balls?


But How Do You Know They're Hints?

If women give you hints, does that mean you're supposed to ask them out or are they just preparing you?


in my experience, that means a woman is interested in you.

source : am woman.


It's A Satellite Making A Trip Around The Moon

Daughter is 19...from 11 to 17 I was convinced she was an alien or possessed. Either way she was put here to try and take me out. Now at 19 shes back to the sweet kid I remember.


How it feels to have a boner but not being aroused


Frustrating and anxious "No not now f-ck just go away"


There's Witchcraft At Play

I don't get how women wrap their hair with towels. Is it like some sort of ancient ritual passed down from mother to daughter? Or did women evolve naturally knowing how to do that?



Getting yelled out for not reading between the lines of what women actually want when I just did what they literally asked for.


Man: Why are you angry?

Woman: I'm not angry but if was you should know.

Man: Have I done something wrong?

Woman: I don't know, have you?


No, Seriously, How Do Women Carry Things?

Their lack of pockets.


This was actually a big part of the suffragettes movement, they sewed big pockets into all their clothes as a protest and to this day women still aren't given real pockets, I'm convinced it's all a ploy by whoever makes all the handbags


*nothing on their mind*

Guys being able to have absolutely nothing on their mind.


Sometimes its not "nothing" but its far too asinine to say out loud. See if we're driving down a highway road, and you ask "What are you thinking about," my "nothing" really means something like:

"That power pole had a big chunk missing. I wonder if it got hit by a car? It should have a metal shield around it like that one does. Would that be worse if it got struck by lightning? It doesnt look like it will rain today. If it rains Ill need my coat, which is at home. That car looks cool, I wonder how much it cost him. My arm itches, am I getting skin cancer? Probably not. Oh shes asking what Im thinking about. Skin cancer or nothing. Nothing seems less wtf. Nothing"


Why? We Have Technology.

Men who message/text/call/Facetime you constantly but never have time to actually meet up in person. Like, what's the point?


Yep...*scratches head*...It's A Mystery

Why they like boobs so much?

I even asked my boyfriend he just shyly said I don't know


Read a reply somewhere that said a mans world can be cold, hard, and lonely. Boobs are soft, warm, and comforting. Essentially what everyone wants.




What does it feel like to be hit [in] the balls?


Like your liver is being sucked out of your stomach


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