People Share The Reasons They Sympathize With The Opposite Sex
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If you're a human being with friends of the opposite sex, then you've no doubt borne witness to at least one instance that made you aware of the double standards men and women live under.

Men are expected to head out there and grab the world by the balls, so to speak. If a woman does the same, though, watch out. Her daring is enough to malign her forever.

That's just one example, but it's enough to make you sigh and feel some empathy, right?

While some responses were more humorous than others, people shared their thoughts after Redditor Outrageous-Caller-09 asked the online community:

"What do you sympathize with the opposite sex for?"

"I just can't..."

"I just can't imagine not having pockets, I'm sorry!"


Whenever I meet a woman who is wearing an outfit that has pockets, she is understandably OVERJOYED.

"I feel sympathy..."

"I feel sympathy with them for their baldness and/or receding hairlines."


This is all too common – of all the medical breakthroughs out there, you'd think we'd have found a baldness cure by now.

"My boyfriend said..."

"Unwanted public boners. My boyfriend said that during puberty a slight breeze could set it off and it was a very awkward and uncomfortable phase."


Am a dude. Can confirm that this was a VERY awkward and uncomfortable phase.


"Periods. They must suck big time."


Of this I have no doubt. For every woman who is fortunate not to have cramps or other period-related issues, there are countless women who do.

"All the pain..."

"All the pain you have to go through, periods, childbirth. Gyne exams must be awful. Menopause must be awful."


I certainly don't envy women for all of this. I grew up with a single mother and felt like I had a front row seat to all of her discomfort.

"I sympathize..."

"I sympathize that men are expected to be the pursuers and ask the woman out. What if he’s shy?"


This is a good point. The pressure can be debilitating!

"As a man..."

"As a man I feel bad for the amount of creepy people a woman might encounter online the moment someone learns their gender."


Online harassment is a very real and serious problem. Many women are bullied offline because of it.

"Male rape victims..."

"Male rape victims not being taken seriously simply because they're men."


This isn't to say that women have it "easier" – countless sexual assault and rape cases go unprosecuted year after year – but societal expectations for men are such that they run the risk of being mocked or even laughed it, derided as weak should they come forward.

"Walking around..."

"Walking around with a set of dick and balls sticking out of your body."


Hey, hey! It doesn't help that they're so sensitive either. We didn't ask for this, you know!

"Dealing with..."

"Dealing with creeps and guys who can't take NO for an answer."


Rejecting someone's advances can be scary... even dangerous. Women never know how men will react.

Men, ask the women in your life about the experiences – you might learn something new.

And women, don't be afraid to ask the men in your life any questions either. You might come away more enlightened.

Have some observations of your own? Feel free to tell us more in the comments below!

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