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Boys just want to have fun too! We like compliments as well. We're just too bashful to admit it. Well... I'm not. Tell me I'm pretty. Tell me I'm fun. Tell me how much my presence strengthens your world. Ok, maybe it's been too long since I've heard a compliment that I'm going overboard. But, we like to hear something nice once in awhile. Just FYI...

Redditor u/Voltaire1778 wanted all the boys out there to speak up and speak out about the times that made y'all a little bashful by asking... Men of Reddit when was the last time you received a compliment?

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The internet, as dark is it often becomes, can be a wonderful place to retrieve information.

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Step this way to hear rants about pockets, bare midriffs, and gigantic flowing powdery wigs.

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Toxic masculinity is justifiably villainized. It is so often the cause of physical abuse against women, problematic behavior in the workplace, powerful men refusing to listen, and a general culture of patriarchal aggression.

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Men. Just be men. And by that I mean, just be a good human. You really have nothing to prove against a facade that has been constructed to define what a man should be. You don't have to... and should not just beat people up. The definition of manhood does not lie in physical strength. That is a myth. And men... don't harm yourself to prove a myth. This is a topic that needs dissertations and long provoked conversations. Let us begin.....

Redditor u/CarsonFijal wanted to reach out to all the boys out there and discuss some behavior that needs to be discussed.... time to get a few things clear.... they asked.... What is the dumbest thing you've ever seen a man do to "prove" their "manhood"?
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