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Romance novels, romantic films and TV shows, advertisements, and society at large has made the gift of flowers a symbol of love, condolences, well wishes, or congratulations.

The actual act of giving flowers goes back centuries to ancient Greece, China, Egypt, the Victorian Era, and has evolved even in the last 100 years. In 1917, advertisers made giving flowers to mothers and grandmothers on Mother's Day a staple of the holiday.

Different eras and cultures have changed the way we view the importance of flowers or even the meaning behind the type of flower we are gifting. It shifted to become a gendered gesture most prodominantly in the Victorian Era as a way to express specific feelings for a romantic partner because it wasn't acceptable to share emotions outwardly.

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"Sisters are doing it for themselves." Y'all remember that song? One of the last century's best female empowerment anthems. How can you top Annie Lenox and Aretha? You can't, so you just bask in the glow. Sisters got it all under control.

But even though women are highly capable of anything, there are certain actions and everyday moments that just come a little easier. Sometimes women are just more in tune, or are built better for a certain situation. Let's discuss.

A Redditor who recently deleted their account left the interwebs with a question for the ladies, by asking:

What is easier to do if you're a woman?
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There's an old saying that describes women as a mystery; however, today we're going to crack the case…well, at least a little bit. This thread allowed men to ask the questions they've always wondered about in a safe, informative zone. This can be difficult in face-to-face conversations where personal or private questioning is not always appropriate.

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Like male birds with vibrant feathers and complicated mating ritual dances, straight men will go to absurd lengths to win the attention of women.

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Despite the toxic stereotype of an unfeeling, “tough guy" persona, men face feelings of loneliness, depression, and other serious issues as well. Unfortunately, not enough people are willing to discuss these sensitive topics as society has put so much pressure on men to hold these things in.

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