Guys Break Down Which Things Most Men Can Agree On
Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash

Humans rarely agree on anything anymore.

So it's refreshing when an agreement is reached among peers.

Even if it's usually about simple or dumb stuff.

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Men Share The Best 'Bro-Tips' They Know
Photo by Connor Wilkins on Unsplash

Oh, bros...

What a quirky group of humans you are.

Maybe we, the world, give y'all a bad rap.

We're dying to know what you share with one another.

One Redditor wanted all the 'Bros' out there to share with us. They asked:

"Men of Reddit, what’s your best bro-tip?"
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Women Share The Creepiest Thing A Guy Has Ever Said To Them
Photo by rayul on Unsplash

Girls, let's be honest. Most of us have been in a situation where a guy was flirting so badly, that he came off creepy.

Fewer girls have been in a situation where a guy they were talking to was actually creepy, but unfortunately, it's not a rare occurrence.

Sometimes, the guys think being creepy is the way to get a girl's attention. Other times, their intentions are malicious. Whatever the case, we have to be on high alert when something like this happens

Curious about what creepy comments girls have gotten, Redditor Capable-Parsley2368 asked:

"Girls, what is the creepiest thing a guy has ever said to you?"
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Childbirth is one of the many things endured by women that men will never have to go through.

And though the payoff is, of course, extraordinary, childbirth is often considered to be the worst pain anyone could possibly endure.

Though there are some men, and even a few women, who might disagree.

Redditor WolfiooTheWolf was curious to hear from the men of Reddit what they think might actually be even more painful than delivering a baby, leading them to ask:

"Men of Reddit, what do you think is more painful than childbirth?"
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Women Divulge What They Find Most Confusing About Men
Taylor Wilcox/Unsplash

Men have this reputation for being simple, straightforward creatures.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Humans in general are not simple, straightforward creatures, but men are just ... baffling.

At least as far as the women of Reddit are concerned.

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