There is no question that men are socialized differently. In fact, men are often taught not to act a certain way or take part in certain activities to avoid reprisal from other men... for being considered feminine.

Being considered "feminine" is one of the worst sins a man can commit socially. It's such an arbitrary perception but it influences how men behave. How many men out there would love to paint their nails or wear nice clothes and be well groomed without other people thinking that they're "gay?" Plenty.

People shared their thoughts with us after Redditor pwindlier asked the online community,

"What's a "feminine" thing that men should be encouraged to do too?"

"Skin care."

"Skin care. I don't think anyone wants cracked skin. Dry, itchy, and painful."


Amen! Taking care of your skin will pay dividends.

"Even in countries..."

"Taking parental leave. Even in countries which offer it, parental leave is still overwhelmingly taken by mothers."


This is so important. Children should have time with both of their parents.

"Bake. Trust me. Learn to bake. It can only benefit you."


It amazes me the amount of people who can't even follow recipes when they're literally written out for you.


"Therapy. Complimenting their friends."


Don't forget crying when they're upset!

"File their nails. A woman will appreciate it."


Filing is what stopped me from biting and clipping super short.


"Moisturising their face and wearing sunscreen."


Wear sunscreen! It will protect you from skin cancer. You're welcome.

"My boyfriend helped..."

"Sewing basics. My boyfriend helped finish my Halloween costume for me while I was at work and it saved us so much time that we actually made it to the party on time."


Drag queens are way ahead of you!

"Not washing..."

"Not washing the dirtiest part of your body because you're afraid people will think it's gay is maybe one of the most closeted things there is."


The day I learned that some men out there think that washing their butts is gay is the day I just about gave up on the human race.


"Exfoliate your feet. No offense guys, but your feet look disgusting."


I recommend this to everyone. The first time I went to the nail salon and had a pedicure changed my world.

"Learn to dance."

"Learn to dance. Women appreciate dancing with a man that actually knows what he’s doing."


Something that anyone can appreciate! Get out there on the dance floor and let loose!

There are some good ones here but I must stress once again that men should feel okay to talk about emotions and cry. There's nothing masculine about repressed emotions leading to breakdowns and therapy.

Have some observations of your own? Tell us more in the comments below!

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