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It's pretty easy for one to be fired. However, there are times when I've been saddled with co-workers where the firing seemed to drag on forever. No matter how it happens, I always enjoy an exit with drama. If you gotta go, you might as well leave a lasting impression.

I've been dumbfounded by the ways I've seen people fired. For instance, if you're going to steal, try not to do it directly in front of cameras. And if you're going to show up drunk, take a breath mint first. But if you do get fired, please make it entertaining. Unless of course it's sad and a proper situation. But nobody gets fired in record time for sad reasons.

Redditor u/njaana wanted to hear about the staff members who left an impression on their way out the door, by asking:

What is the fastest you have ever seen a new co-worker get fired?
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There is a reason why the TV show Law & Order has endured for 20 seasons and has spawned various spin-offs. People love court drama.

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One major life lesson we all really need to adhere to is... pay attention to every keystroke when searching Google.

That is especially true if you're searching in public because that can be an awkward situation.

Pornography seems to just pop up everywhere, whether you like it or not.

I never knew how many basic and pure words and catchphrases could be linked to tawdry filth.

Redditor u/Thatitchypart wanted to discuss the times we've accidentally clicked a few too many keys on Google that led to some "shocking" places, by asking:

Dear redditors, what innocent search on Google turn out to be porn?
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When I think of the term "Truth or Dare" I think of the revolutionary documentary from Madonna.

The game itself I rarely ever think about because it's been easily two decades since I last played. I also hate that game; that game and spin the bottle.

I always had to kiss the wrong person. I'm also not getting naked in a group without a payoff of some kind. And if I wanted you to know my deepest secrets I would just tell you.

I'm not going to be pressured into it. But I'm sure that plenty of people have had a few sassy night of fun thanks to being... daring. That and tequila shots.

Redditor u/janneke137 wanted to hear about the gambles we've all taken when playing a simple game with friends, by asking:

How far did you go in a game of truth or dare?
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Oh the matters of the heart are just never going to be easy. Love seems to be a never ending mess. I've dated a lot and can attest that the percentage of bad to good is 70/30. And that may be generous math.

I've heard about people fighting on dates, setting fire to the restaurant, discovering hidden identities and dramas I thought only ever occurred on daytime television.

I use to believe the biggest fear about dating was that the other person may turn out to be a serial killer, but they at least tend to show you a respectable time before they strike.

Oof. Let's see who has been left scarred by the hunt.

Redditor u/givemeyourfreefood wanted everyone to share the stories that almost made them re-think searching for love, by asking:

What's the worst date you ever had?
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