The definitions of "manliness" have certainly changed overtime. While in previous years it might have been used for superficial reasons, like what kind of car you drive, what the shape of your beard was, and how many eagles you tamed, lately it can be narrowed down to things that actually matter.

What kind of husband are you? Do you take care of your friends and family? Do you stand up for what's right? What level are your knitting skills? Still, it can itch the back of some men's spines when they think they're doing something that might be perceived as "unmanly" in general society's eyes.

Reddit user, u/papilloncool18, wanted to hear men open up when they asked:

Men, What "Unmanly" activity do you proudly participate in?

Interior Design Is A Real-World Tetris Game


I spend a ridiculous amount of time looking up furniture/wall art/etc. just fantasizing about how I'm going to decorate it when I finally get my own place.


Looking Fine Online


Even in video games, I spend hours customizing my character's clothes.


I would be lying if I said I don't like looking good both IRL and in video games.


Need To Watch Them Toes

Pedicures. I take my wife to get a manicure/pedicure and for an extra $30 I get a foot soak with massage, nails trimmed and the cracked callouses ground down to manageable. I spend 100% of my free time in Hiking boots or flip flops, gnarly heels being the result.

No shame in my game. Take care of your feet lads!


Showing The Next Generation How It's Done

Sometimes my daughters get new nail polish and they want to see how it looks on an actual nail before committing it to their own. That's when they come to me asking if they can use me as their test pallet. It's not uncommon for me to go around the house with glittery purple, green, pink etc, nails.

Walking around with painted nails: = Most unmanly thing for me.

Showing my daughters how a man should treat and take care of the women in his life = The most manly thing I could ever do.


Few Things In This Life

Playing and doing "girly" things with my daughter. She's 4 and I want to be interactive and engaged with her. Sometimes that means playing "tea party" or painting OUR nails. As in both of us. No problem 😊


That's not being "unmanly" that being an epic father.

Props to that guy, Being an epic father is the most bad-ss, awesome, greatest dad, kick -ss, best thing for her.

Few things in this world are more Manly than being an awesome dad.


Hugging my kids, apologizing to them when I'm wrong ("sorry I accused you of making a mess outside, I just learned it was the neighbors' kid"), and showing them it's okay to have and express feelings. Yes, daddy can get teary eyed too when watching a sad movie.

Also as an extension of apologizing for having done wrong, being able to back down.
When in an argument and find out you're wrong, it's not weak to say "I didn't know that. Sorry, I was wrong.".
Learning from those experiences has much more worth than doubling down to protect your own ego.


And Usually Low Calorie

Drinking girly drinks.

They're delicious.


I have a friend who's into weightlifting, massive beard, tattoos and generally pretty manly looking. His drink of choice is Amaretto and cranberry juice. I usually like a Guinness or a whiskey. Whenever we've gone to a bar and ordered drinks, the barman/maid has always thought the cranberry one is for me. Admittedly it's fairly tasty.


Moisturize Me...

I moisturise. My skin is very dry and gets itchy. I scratch, make it sore, which then makes it itchy, so I scratch....Moisturising stops this cycle.


I've been doing it since I was 18. I'm now mid thirties and always get mistaken for the youngest of my friends... while I'm the oldest by a quite a margin. Nothing wrong with taking care of yourself. We're not cavemen.


And Also, Less Splash Damage

P-ssing while sitting.


I've never understood men's aversion to sitting down. Maybe I'm just lazy, but sitting down at home while checking stuff on the phone is always nice and relaxing. Like a mini two minute break. What's girly about that!


Gardening. It's great being able to grow things from just seeds.


Never understood this. Gardening is basically small scale multispecies plant farming.

Most farmers are manly men.

I never understood the femine thought applied to gardening.

Should be genderless clearly as everyone should want to grow everything.


I think maybe it has to do with scale just like in other professions. Farming, professor, doctor: masculine. Gardening, teacher, nurse: feminine.

I disagree with this mindset, of course, as gender should not be assigned to roles that a person is capable of performing but this might help a bit with insight on it.


"A Whole New Pup! A Shining Dog I Never Knew!"


I sing personal remixes of popular songs to my pets where I replace words in the song with their name. A lot of the time they're Disney songs.


Bruh, the way I treat my dog, you'd think I was a 3rd grade girl who got her first puppy for Christmas.


"But We're Watching Batman Movies, So It's Totally Manly, Bruh."

Knitting. It's pretty fun! I made half a sock yesterday.


So way back 23 years ago I go over to my buddy's place. We were 16ish. Rainy sh-tty day. His mom and him are watching movies and knitting scarves. F-ck it. Show me how.

So now we're sitting there and another buddy shows up. We're watching batman movies. F-ck it. Now there's 4 of us knitting.

His mom goes to work. Another friend shows up. F-ck it. He's knitting and making a scarf now too while watching movies.

So batman marathon is now over and some generic hallmark movie is on. We're to lazy to get up and change the channel (who the hell leaves the remote on the tv). We're knitting.

Bud's younger brother came home with his gf. Looks at us 4 16yr old dudes knitting scarves watching a romance on a rainy saturday afternoon.

Looks at his gf. GF looks at him. "For f-ck sakes"


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