People Break Down The Exact Point At Which Cheating On Your Partner Begins
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In this day and age of sexual freedom and experimentation, why would you cheat?

It makes absolutely no sense.

Unless, the act itself is part of the fun.

No matter your decision, let's pinpoint the moment we know we're heading down that path.

Everybody can name the times you feel it in your gut.

You know it's crossed a line.

Now what?

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People Who Knowingly Slept With Someone In A Relationship Explain Why They Did It
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Don't have sex with people attached to someone already.

There is no good excuse.

There is no reason that makes it worth it.

Most of the time the "reasons" are lies.

Redditor Virtual_Welder_4525 wanted to hear from those willing to spill a little tea about some bedmates. They asked:

"People who knowingly have slept with someone who was in a relationship, why did you do it?"
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Being cheated on is a horrible feeling.

And some would say that cheating on your significant other is inexcusable.

Perhaps that's why when partners come up with excuses and reasons as to why they cheated often make these situations so much worse.

But in some cases, these excuses might end up lightening the situation, owing to the sheer idiocy of these justifications.

Redditor tall_boizz was curious to hear the lamest, most ludicrous excuses people were given from their unfaithful partners, leading them to ask:

"What is the dumbest explanation you've heard from someone who cheated?"
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