People Who Had Sex With Their Best Friend Break Down What Happened Afterward

In Nora Ephron's classic romantic comedy When Harry Met Sally, the two title characters have fundamental disagreement about men and women's ability to be friends owing to the "sex part getting in the way".

Wherever one stands on this, admittedly heteronormative, argument, there is no denying that many people have managed to sustain close friendships in spite of some obvious sexual tension between them.

Obvious at least to almost all of their inner circle, if not the friends in questions.

Of course, sometimes these friends feel the need to give in to this palpable tension, and go ahead and have sex.

Forever changing their friendships, for better or worse.

Redditor Sound_of_music12 was curious to hear the after effects people who had sex with their best friends experienced, leading them to ask:
"What happened after you had sex with your best friend?"

Change In Status, Still Best Friends

"We had gotten drunk to celebrate me getting into med school, and 8 years of repressed sexual tension just poured out in a single night."

"The next 3 days, we were both in a panicked daze."

"I thought I had lost my best friend for the best sex of my life, and I couldn't stop thinking it wasn't worth it."

"The sex was mind blowing, but no one made me feel as safe or as happy and I would trade anything to keep that."

"He asked would it really be so crazy if we tried dating?"

"We moved in together a month later."

"We've been together now for 7 years, got engaged."

"Saving up for a house and wedding."

"He's still my best friend."- LexicalCat

'We bought an air fryer and a water cooler for our house so I guess you could say things are pretty serious."- ur_newstepmom

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An Unfortunate Demise

"Unfortunately we stopped being best friends after that."- Previous_Smile7275

Testing The Waters

"She became my sorta, kinda girlfriend and we've been taking things slow!"- CapG_13·

Big Mistake...

"I hated doing it with her cuz she said, 'you are like a brother to me!' after doing it."- aldrin2111

"He hates me now."- estrellaprincessa

"What happened is : I wanted more and fell totally in love with her."

"She didn’t and thought it was a mistake."

"We tried staying friends, she became distant, I became weird."

"She decided that we shouldn’t see each other anymore."

"At all."- Grin-Guy

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Made It Official

"We went to sleep."

"And are married for 8 years now."- DocSternau

"We got married."

"3 kids, a grandson and 37 years later I still don't regret it."- Cheezel62

"Married her."

"Knew she was in it for the long con."- aggierogue3

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Still The Same Old Friends...

"We did a FWB thing for about three years."

"Whenever we were both single, we’d hook up."

"She lived about 300 miles away.'

"We used to sort of dance around the possibility of actually dating, even getting married, but we never pulled the trigger."

"The distance was too much, I think."

"We loved each other very much."

"Got to the point where whether it was platonic or romantic love was difficult to tell, and weirdly, neither of us was in a rush to figure it out."

"I guess we both had faith it would work itself out as it was supposed to."

"And it did."

"She met a great guy, dated him, and married him."

"I performed the ceremony."

"After it was over, at the reception, I gave her a hug and she kissed my cheek and smiled a little flirtatiously (we both knew it was the last time she’d give me that look), and said, 'Thanks for marrying me.'"

"It was one of the most purely loving, intimate moments of my life."

"We are still close."

"Not like before, but we still love each other deeply, and we always will."

"That love just has a more clearly defined label now, and it’s a label we both respect and cherish."

"So yeah, it’s not always a sad ending."

"Sometimes it’s just a weird and beautiful intermission."- RPMac1979

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Must Have Been Good

"More sex."- Glittering_Pea_6228

Be it a friendship or a romantic relationship, having sex is always bound to change things.

If you like things the way they are, think very carefully before taking the leap.

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