People Break Down The Male Equivalents Of Women Showing Cleavage To Seduce Someone

When people think of women being portrayed as "sexy," often big boobs with cleavage showing come to mind.

Men also have their appealing "moves" and "appearances," and the "AskReddit" subReddit did not shy away from sharing what they felt the male equivalents to showing cleavage were.

Redditor girlymuslimboy asked:

"What is the male equivalent of a woman showing her cleavage for seduction?"

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"The braaaaaain!"

- Suspicious-Squash237

Certain Facial Expressions

"Sexy side smirks and smiles. Y'all know exactly what you're doing with that."

- mtotheija

A "Clean" Appearance

"Rolling up sleeves (regardless of muscle mass). A fresh fade/cut and trim/shave. A clean cut, perfectly fit/cut outfit (doesn't have to be a suit/tux)."

"Biggest one: Clean, trimmed, and filed fingernails on clean, well-managed hands. Yes please."

- Sleepy_Little_Fjord

Possibly Chest Hair?

"I don't count rolling up sleeves because cleavage is far more scrutinized. Like I can roll my sleeves up in an office job and not be side-eyed."

"The V-line is a little closer, though also a little further on the spectrum of 'can't show it anywhere.' There's no subtlety."

"The closest I can think of is showing chest hair, but that's far less universally liked by women. Like a woman with any chest can do that and almost any man will like it, but chest hair is a very split decision."

- girhen

The V-Line or Adonis Belt

"My wife showed me a meme that had a picture of a guy with the pronounced V-Line. It said, 'I don't know what this muscle is called, but it makes smart girls stupid.'"

- d00mslinger

Grey Sweatpants

"A lot of my female friends go crazy over grey sweatpants. Nothing even sexy, just men wearing them. I don't understand it personally."

- PurpleMonkeyEdna

A Fine Suit

"My wife told me that a guy in a well-fitting suit is to her what a woman in lingerie is to men."

"ZZ Top was right. Every girl crazy 'bout a sharp-dressed man!"

- Matelot67

Driving in Reverse

"I’d like to formally submit: When they’re driving in reverse and they do that twist to look over their shoulder and they grip the back of the passenger seat."

"Especially if they do the little finesse on the steering wheel with the palm of their hand."

"I caaaaaan't."

- VoodooEmporium

In the Kitchen

"When you’re cooking and throw the towel over your shoulder and pick the pan up and shake it around a little."


Muscle Definition

"Either the happy trail or when their muscles get really defined when they do something."

- queenoovoov

Rolled-Up Sleeves

"Hairy forearms and rolled-up sleeves; wonderfully sl*tty behavior."

- chuckchuckthrowaway

An Illusion

"While working in an Emergency room several years ago, a fellow came through that was unconscious from an accident. The first thing the staff does is to strip the person down. When the staff cut his clothing off, it was noted that he had a cucumber taped to the inside of his groin, to, ah make it appear he had a rather large organ."

"I would think that was clearly his intent, as it was a Friday evening."

- Whorton59

Revealing Clothes

"I’m assuming wearing tight shirts that show off muscles."

- RathGodofWar


"A certain look in their eye."

- Love2Ring


"Male cleavage, dude!"

"It's the same, but different, but still the same!"

- Inkydex

Based on these comments, it seems women's desires are just as stereotypical as men's. Where men may want swimsuits and lingerie, women want a finely-trimmed suit or gray sweatpants.

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