People Reveal The Real Reason Why They Stopped Having Sex With Their Partner Or Spouse

Couple kissing
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Whether we intend for it to be the focus of the relationship or not, one of the defining features of a romantic relationship is its physical interactions.

Anyone who deeply values physical touch might not be able to understand how a relationship could continue if the couple was no longer intimate.

Curious, Redditor cold_h*e asked:

"People who stopped having sex with their partner/husband/wife, what made you stop?"

When Health Gets in the Way

"I was on an antidepressant that shut my libido down. No desire whatsoever, and if we tried, it always ended in my failure. Slowly improved, weaned off it over six months, and things began to get better, all around."

"About that time, my wife began getting sinus headaches. It was subsequently diagnosed as an incurable brain tumor, and she was gone 18 months later. That bout of depression was a walk in the park..."

- psilome

Autoimmune Problems

"Sex hurts her (autoimmune problems)."

"It's been seven years. It turns out I love her more than I thought I could."

- redditusernamehonked

Living Stress-Free

"He has a medical problem that means he can't orgasm. Sex always ended with him getting frustrated and upset about it. So it's not worth the stress. I'd rather have him and be celibate than be with anyone else."

"It bothered us at first, but only because we were locked into the idea that married couples need to have a sex life. We went to couples counseling and basically figured out that we love each other and are happy together without sex, so why does it matter what is considered 'normal'?"

"We're a couple of happy little weirdos, and it works for us."

- NimblyUsingAliens

Morning Sickness

​"My wife had morning sickness for about half of every one of her pregnancies. Women are amazing at dealing with all of that. On the plus side, after it subsided, sex was great. Just got better and better until the birth."

- fatmanwa

Coercive Marriage

"He had more experience than me, and wouldn't listen to me when I said what he was doing didn't feel good. He would tell me he knew what he was doing and to just let him."

- Tygermouse


"Before my divorce, I got tired of being rejected and having promises made that were never going to be kept."

- Im_not_that_angry

Possible PTSD

"I had an accident where someone accidentally fell on my face with their knee and crushed it some years ago (not my partner though)."

"I had some surgeries after that and my face is fine now, but I found myself unable to relax during sex since then. Somehow I am not able to give up control and just let it go while doing physical activities that include two people who are physically close together."

- LimaZim

Mental Health

"My mental health has been up and down lately so sex has been a rare occurrence. We had a dry spell that lasted about a year. People underestimate how much mental health can affect a person."

- BedBoundBean

Turned Away

"I got tired of being turned down, so I gave up."

- kwunshel316

Too Many Responsibilities

"He didn’t support/help or even pull his weight, we rarely went out anywhere, and when we did, I often paid and he’d ask to use my card so it didn’t embarrass him if I was seen to be paying."

"Basically, I was giving more than I was receiving and he cared too much about image over substance. Then he expected me to be up for sex as though I could magically turn myself on like a light switch. He’d walk up to me and grope at me when I was busy. Highly bloody irritating!"

"He also suggested I needed sex therapy when the idea of sleeping with him turned me off altogether. It felt like another chore to add to my already manic list since he didn’t do much to help. Both worked full-time and my job included long travel and entertaining out of hours."

"I felt tired and resentful and no matter how I tried to approach a solution, his response was basically that he doesn’t feel inclined to help as I didn’t put out so he didn’t feel loved enough. It exhausts me just to write that."

"I never cheated just to be clear, I wasn’t getting my kicks elsewhere. I did end it though and my sexual appetite returned with my next partner."

- TheFleaBagDiary


"My ex was verbally and emotionally abusive, and also a drug addict. You can't call me those names and be horrible, and then expect me to be turned on just because you take your pants off. I spent most of my marriage on the couch."

- RosyAntlers

Feeling Unattractive

"We haven't been intimate for a long time, but I've decided to stay. We have a kid and yes, it had a lot to do with the decision. I just hope I can take it until my libido dries up."

"The worst part is feeling unattractive. I take pains to make sure she knows she's beautiful, and you'd swear I don't exist unless I beg to be noticed."

"There are times when it's better, but it's always after I've almost left over it."

- carsonArtsome

Changing Over Time

"We started dating when we were 15, we were pretty much the same person as each other. Time went on and we changed as people."

"She stopped working and I gained a bit of weight with stress and being overworked. She stopped being attracted to me and we were just two completely different people from when we first met."

"It ended horribly but I’m now with a lady whom I love very much and we’re getting married later this year."

- Korncakes

Unrealistic Expectations

"I was tired of being called a cow. I was left at home every weekend while he took our only car to his friend's house 2+ hours away. I was exhausted from working four 10-hour days and then spending my three days off doing all the yard work, housework, getting groceries, and then being expected to perform like I wasn't entirely exhausted."

"I lasted two years in that marriage."

- ItsSarahMarie

Whether it's poor relationship dynamics or health concerns, there are all sorts of reasons why the physical relationship between a couple will change over time. The question ultimately is how important physical intimacy is to both people and how to make sure they both continue to feel fulfilled by the relationship.

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