People Explain Which Things Absolutely Ruin A TV Series For Them

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At the end of a long day, there is nothing better than unwinding to a TV show.

Escaping from your stressful reality for an hour or so, to catch up on a longtime favorite, or tune in to the premiere of a new show everyone's been talking about.

That is, until your relaxation abruptly stops, when something happens on the show that makes you want to scream uncontrollably at your screen.

Be it a decision a character made, a plot point that came out of nowhere, or realizing the episode you are watching literally makes no sense (most recent season of Riverdale anyone?), there is little more infuriating that witnessing a show ruin itself in one swift blow.

Redditor MysticalMoonbow was curious to hear about the things which instantly destroy their enjoyment, leading them to ask:
"What ruins a TV series for you?"

The Things Some People Get Away With

"Characters that do not make realistic decisions, and when there are no real consequences for characters who make bad decisions."- Sonarks

They're Not Quite Dead...

"When people keep dying and then coming back to life."- SuvenPan

They Could Do So Much Better

"Character A exhibits absolutely reprehensible behavior towards Character B, and then they both end up apologizing to each other even though Character A was the only one who did anything wrong?"- dreadnaut1897

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You'd Think They'd Have Learned By Now...

"Characters that don’t grow or learn anything from their experiences."- Embarrassed_Tax_6547

Not As Cute As People Think

"The 'super smart kid that talks like an adult' thing that so many horrible sitcoms do."- NastyLittleBagginses

There Can Definitely Be Too Much Of A Good Thing

"Two things."

"If they 'jump the shark' and the plot lines just get so f*cking ridiculous that, even for fiction you cannot suspend disbelief."

"When they just milk the f*ck out of it and run it into the ground with prequels, sequels, and off shoots."

"It's not the idea of making more series to build a 'universe', it's that most of the shows tend to suffer because the creative staff is being pulled in so many directions."

"Looking at you, 'Sons of Anarchy'/'Kurt Sutter' and 'Yellowstone'/'Taylor Sheridan'."- RunsWithPremise

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They Had So Many More Stories To Tell

"Premature cancellation."- poizn_ivy

"Netflix canceling it out of nowhere usually."- Howdydobe

We Can Only Suspend Our Disbelief So Much...

"When the story gets too outrageous."

"Like I watched a show about LAPD cops and they ended up going to Mexico to take down a drug lord."

"I’m like whaaaa? Why would the LAPD do that?"

"Lol."- Diesel-KC

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90% Of Writers Are Out Of Work At Any Given Time... And Yet...

"Bad writing, serialitis (where characters don't get to have arcs but become types of themselves because the cancellation/renewal cycle prevents writing a story with a beginning middle and end)."- Rememberwork

Give People Some Credit

"In Sci Fi shows where they are going to do something big and one guy has to explain it to the rest of the crew/group as if they're wall lickingly stupid."- The_Last_Ron1n

The Course Of True Love Never Did Run Smooth...

"Forced romances and drama from those romances."- JackOfScales

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Looking At You Jim And Pam...

“'Will they/won’t they?'”


"Cut the bullsh*t and ask them out."- SaltySteveD87

We Know What You're Really Thinking

"When a guy reveals a pretty cool trait or secret and the girl says 'our whole relationship is based on a lie'."

"How about for once the girl says 'omg that's hot'."- Waste_Willingness461

Grow Up Already!

"Drama based solely on miscommunication, or characters that are overly jealous but it's painted as endearing."

"The writers think it's more entertaining to have their main cast act like a bunch of 1st graders when all the characters are in their 20s and 30s, but it's just annoying."- brightnessys

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