People Describe The Worst Movies They Ever Had To Sit Through
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Does anyone truly know what makes a movie "good?"

You can think a movie is a brilliant piece of master work but read online reviews giving it only a decent score. On the flip side, you can absolutely think a film is "Meh" even if all of the internet seems to be in favor of making it their entire identity (hello, Encanto).

While everyone's tastes are subjective, and you should absolutely be allowed to enjoy what you enjoy, there are those films you feel the need to warn your friends about.

Cinematic train wrecks which should never be seen by anyone else after you were already forced to endure them.

Reddit user, Ix_fromBetelgeuse7, wanted to know what to avoid next time they had a movie night when they asked:

"What's the worst movie you ever had to sit through?"

Just because you're making movies for "kids" doesn't mean they won't be able to tell when you're trying to pull a fast one on them.

The Less Said About Baby Mask The Better

"The son of mask. I didn't feel like going to the movies. I tried to convince my mom to take me to the mall."


"You know when you loved a movie as a kid, but you go back and watch it and it kinda ruins it for you? Son of the mask doesn't have this problem, because even as a child I knew it was a turd of a film."


We Shall Never Let This Go, M. Night

"The Last Airbender. Or as it's known in the fandom,"

"There is no movie in ba sing se."


"I had never seen the show at the point the movie came out and my friends were super pumped up to see it so they brought me with thinking it'd be a good way to introduce me to the world/ lore/ whatnot... I gave them so much sh-t at the end of that movie. I did eventually end up watching the show and its one of my all time favorites! But jeez what a horrible way to get introduced to it lol"


One Look At The Poster Was All You Needed

"Jack and Jill"

"One of the worst Adam Sandler movies I've ever sat through. Some of his movies are really bad but this one is a stinker!!"


"'Getting' to watch this movie is hands down the worst reward they ever had on Survivor"


You have to wonder sometimes what it takes for actors to take on certain roles. What about the pitch made the character they were going to play so enticing?

Or was it money?

It has to be the money.

Sir Patrick, Why?

"The Emoji Movie."


"They tried so hard to be relatable, I’d rather watch the Human centipede again than that"


"I still can't believe Sir Patrick Stewart agreed to be a talking pile of sh-t... I know at this point in his career he doesn't really need the money and can just do whatever he wants to do but seriously, a talking pile of sh-t."


Altogether Now: Not The Bees

"The Wickerman with Nicolas cage..."

"Ended up laughing to death at the end though. We were stoned and so bored. They sacrificed him in the end for the vegetables to grow and we laughed so hard and got kicked out the movie theatre ..Was worth it lmao"



"Cats (2019)"


"If it isn't the Butthole Cut, I'm not interested"


And then there's these, the bottom of the barrel bits of cinematic "entertainment," if you can even call them that.

These things are so monstrously bad the master reels should be burnt at the altar of Terrible Films That Should Go Away Forever.

It's Not Easy Copying Mel Brooks

"Epic Movie"

"I cannot figure out why I thought it would be entertaining. It wasn't even funny as a bad movie."


"There were a bunch of movies that came out after Scary Movie established itself. Disaster Movie. Epic Movie. Meet the Spartans. The Starving Games."

"I genuinely don't know the audience for these movies because they can't be cheap to make, but holy sh-t they're terrible. The actors aren't even interested in making them."

"(The only exception is Not Another Teen Movie which somehow is amazing.)"


A Joke Entry, Sure, But Two Words: Decepticon Balls

"Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen."

"Saw this two days after my father died and my father's death ended up being the 2nd worst thing that happened to me that week."


"Agreed. Devastator did not need to have testicles. And don’t even get me started on Mudflap and Skids."


When It's Seriously Straight Up Trash

"While doing research for a class I was teaching on WWII cinema, I wound up watching a Nazi propaganda film called The Eternal Jew. It is the only film I have ever seen about which I have absolutely nothing positive to say."

"The movie is an hour of just pure anti-semitic hatred, and unlike it's better known companion in Nazi White Supremacist trash Triumph of the Will, which requires an eye-rolling acknowledgement that 'yeah yeah yeah it's an artistically significant film', nothing of the sort can be said about The Eternal Jew."

"It is poorly made and would be just pure tedium if it wasn't also such a sickening display of pure, unfiltered hatred and, because it's still popular with White supremacist groups to this day, the film is unfortunately not yet done bringing its evil into the world."

"You can complain all you want about Cats or the live action ATLA but at the very least you can compliment those films for being made with the intention of trying to bring joy into people's lives."

"You can definitely not say that about The Eternal Jew. It is the only work of 'art' I have ever encountered that I wouldn't hesitate to eradicate from the face of the earth, because nothing of value would be lost if you did."


Maybe it's best we stick to streaming.

That might be best.

At least we can turn it off.

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