People Explain Which Things They Believe Should Never Have Gotten So Popular

Who hasn't taken part in a fad that became passé before the year was out.

Children of the 90s probably wish they spent much less time and effort obtaining Pogs and Magic Cards than they did.

But while some frivolous fads are an almost instant flash in the pan, sometimes they are only the beginning of a pop culture phenomenon which continues to this day, with no end in sight.

Much to the dismay of many.

Redditor FalloutFan4207 was curious to hear the things people can't believe are as popular as they are, leading them to ask:

"What should never have gotten popular?"

Did anyone find this funny?

"The stupid public pranks on strangers where it's more or less just harassment."- Laptraffik

"Doing stupid sh*t for clout."- Unknown_Captain

More like "Toddler and Exploitation"...

"Toddlers and Tiaras. Child beauty pageants."- spaceassorcery

Scared Toddlers And Tiaras GIFGiphy

Just a cruel tease...

"Micro transactions."- Jerrybeshara

Why pay for something you can get for free from a tap?

"Bottled water for like $3 as an alternative to soft drinks."- Tuesday2017

Not everyone deserves to be famous

​"Giving obnoxious people a platform."

"See Dr. Phil and his gaggle of guests who are famous for being stupid."- glitchystitchy

"Making stupid people famous."- whitecity011

"The Paul brothers."- dollaravocadotoast

Jake Paul Fighting GIF by UninterruptedGiphy

Just how "real" are these shows?

"Reality TV/celebrity obsession/Kardashian style shows."- dogsquad81

Is there really anything wrong with monogomy?

"Being a side chick/dude."

"Essentially glorifying cheating."- OhJeezItsCorrine

One can only hope that these will all be things of the past before too long.

And will make way for another trend which people will spend years wondering why it became as popular as it did.

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