People Describe What They Were Grossly Underprepared For As An Adult

When we move into our first apartment, get our first job, and begin living independently for the first time, it's equal parts intimidating and exciting.

There's always the realization that you are now an adult.

But there are very few early to mid-twenty-somethings who don't stop and have a moment where they question if they are, in fact, an adult.

Many responsibilities that come with being an adult will take us by surprise, as there was no college course to teach us how to deal with them or prepare ourselves for them.

Redditor Palarity was curious to hear some of the rude awakenings people had as they entered adulthood, leading them to ask:

"What were you grossly unprepared for as an adult?"

Who's the boss here? Wait, me?!

"The slow realization that I am the adult in the room who's supposed to help out everyone else."- lapsangsouchogn

Not relying on your parents anymore

"Trivial in comparison to many things, but keeping up familial social obligations."

"Like, it's now on me to check in with aunt M and how she's recovering after her recent surgery, send a gift to cousin K's new baby, congratulate 2nd cousin T on his graduation, etc."

"Gone are the days when my mom did all of that and I just had to sign my name on the card or whatever."- InannasPocket

"Realizing there is no safety net."- brutustyberius

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No more chilling on the quad...

"Going from having tons of friends to really having no one."- ZachariahCasey

Wondering if you have, in fact, "grown up".

"How much I still feel like a kid on the inside."- RosesSpins

Life is precious and unpredictable.


"As time passes and you become an adult, there are two guarantees:"

"1: the adults that shaped you, whom you love and adore, also get older."

"Older and sicker and will die, hopefully later but sometimes so much sooner than you would ever imagine."

"And 2: Peers and folks younger than you will die too, often with little to no rhyme or reason."

"My parents would say growing up that 'death is a part of life'.”

"But I’m not sure there is any way to prepare for really UNDERSTANDING that fact until you experience it yourself as you grow up."- Mbathrowaway202two

Taking care of yourself

"Dealing with a chronic health issue."- Square_Tangelo_7542

It's not all fun and games

"How little time in a week there is to enjoy 'life' after working full time."- Ser0t0n1n

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That some people don't grow up.

'How insecure and incompetent other adults are."- ducvette

Bullies aren't only found in high schools.

"Bullying at the workplace by other 'adults'."- MathematicianOld1117

The truth is, nothing can prepare anyone for adulthood.

Primarily owing to the fact that no one follows the same path, so there is just no telling what life has in store for you.

But maybe the best part of being an adult, is that you are always learning, only now you don't have to show up to class or hand in homework to prove the lesson has sunk in.

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