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Nobody wants to die alone. That is one of life's more basic truths. We all hope there is going to be a familiar hand to hold and a pair of eyes that witnessed our lives looking into us as we drift off to meet our maker. That feels like the basics of marriage. Well that and a permanent booty call.

That's why a lot of people turn to a trusted friend to maybe one day be a love interest. It's always good to have a fail-safe and a back up. And the older you get the more the chase becomes too much run through, so why not make it easy? It's like... "hey so and so... you wanna get hitched by this date, in case?"

BAM! Instant I Do.

Redditor u/shansnewone wanted the betrothed out there to tell us about their relationship successes and fails, by asking:

Couples who got married on the basis: "if we're both not married by (x) years old, we'll marry each other" how did things work out?
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When I was ten, twenty even, I remember having so many friends Christmas would drive me to bankruptcy. Friends at work, friends at school, friends in the neighborhood; they were everywhere.

I couldn't even define the feeling of loneliness until I was almost 30. And knowing loneliness isn't actually a bad thing, more people should know that sooner rather than later. Eventually my friend pool dwindled, as does everyone's.

You realize quickly that hanging around on the monkey bars isn't an efficient way to meet new people when you're 40. And monkey bars themselves are a detriment to your back.

It isn't always easy to go out and meet new people, but you have to try. So let's compare strategies.

Redditor u/zehlewe wanted to meet some new people for platonic fun, by asking:

How the hell do you make new friends as an adult?
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As we grow older, we may find our relationships with people in our lives have evolved drastically.

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Fake friends can really be the worst. They're the kind of people who will use someone to gain something for themselves. Sometimes it's money, sometimes it's for social gain.

But in the moment, it can be hard to spot those fake friends until they've been cut off from your life entirely. Whether they stopped responding to texts, hung out without you, or only included you to gain what they wanted, it can hurt just as bad.

One Redditor wanted to know what the tipping point for those fake friends was.

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Sometimes friendships don't last forever. Especially when they exist within a big group of friends--that's when things can get messy, especially when you're young. Eventually, you grow up and realize that the drama just isn't worth it, and part ways.

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