People Who Walked Out In The Middle Of A Hook Up Reveal What Happened

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I've left for so many reasons.

But reason #1?

Just a gut feeling.

Never, ever deny your gut.

If something is off, it probably is.

No matter how much fun it seems like it will be, you want to survive the experience most.

Pay attention to everything.

If there is nothing to hide, there is no worry.

The truth is there are more reasons to run than to stay.

Redditor lmaonnohomo asked:

"Have you ever walk out during sex? Why?"

The things I've seen and run from are not suitable for the public.

Speaking of which...

The following is for mature adults only.


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"I realized I’d left my brother who was visiting me from another city back at the club. Had to go find him."


"Bro you didn't give him heads up? Like thats bro code. Yo! You gonna have to find your own ride back. Can't afford it? Heres 30$ call a taxi or Uber. Good luck don't die!"


Red Flag

"I'm a high school counselor. One of my students found out that her then-boyfriend filmed them without her permission. She knew the phone was out, but said that she thought it was because he was on the phone WITH HIS MOM while they were having sex."

"The look on my face must have expressed what I was thinking in my head because she said 'I know, red flag.'"

"Before anyone asks, they did contact police. But it was in the spring close to graduation and the boy was a senior so I don't know what happened."



"I noticed immediately that he had removed the condom. I freaking flipped out and left. I've never had a single regret about it."


"Stealthing is such a scummy move. Like disgusting. You definitely shouldn't have any regrets!"


"Also is a crime I think."


No Teeth

"She bit my ear so hard it started bleeding and wouldn’t let go. I was done after that."


"Similar situation though no blood (also it was at my place). She bit me, I stopped and explained I’m not into biting. Bit me again. Asked her politely to leave. Still have dents on the hood of my car from where she slammed the remainder of her six pack."



Over It Rose GIF by HULUGiphy

"I looked over and saw his tighty whiteys with a massive skid mark in them. I got the ick and went home then woke up with a UTI the next day."


Always check the hygiene.


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"In the heat of moment started having sex with my ex. Then I remembered why I broke up with her in the first place and I just walked away. It was hard but was worth it."


Dipped Out

"I dipped tobacco for the first time before going to my gf’s house. Stomach was feeling weird, but I thought I could power through it. About three minutes in to the deed I literally push her off of the bed, run to the bathroom, and start projectile vomiting into the toilet."

"Her mom walked in to check on me a couple minutes later, and to her shock I was butt a** naked with my head in the toilet. I left immediately to my friends house down the road. Probably the most embarrassing night of my life."


Got you man...

"I was in the middle when had a buddy call me. He was going thru a real rough time, I was worried this was his reaching out moment. I made an excuse about a cramp, answer in the bathroom and he proceeded to open up to me saying he just needed to be with someone. I said I had a family emergency and headed his way. To this day we still laugh about it. Him and I, the girl never talked to me again."


Rules are Rules

"Yes. I told him a condom was a must. He put it on and we got to having fun. Half way through kept saying 'let me take it off.' I got dressed grabbed my things and left. Blocked everywhere I could. He was pissed."


I need to lie down. And NEVER be touched.

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