Amelia Mavis Christnot

NASA Analyzed Single Grain Of Lunar Soil As Part Of Plans For Moon Base

NASA's plan to build a moon base has taken a "giant leap" forward after the lunar surface was analyzed... using a single grain of soil.

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Couples Say The Cure For Relationship Woes Is A Romantic Getaway
Matteo Colombo/Getty Images

Nearly three in five Americans say a vacation saved their relationship, according to new research.

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Over 70% Of Couples Hide Their Unhealthy Eating Habits From Their Partner
d3sign/Getty Images

Over half of Americans are cheating on their partners — with food, according to new research.

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Woman Reunited With Her Long-Lost Father 56 Years Later After Facebook 'Suggested' Him As A Friend

A woman was reunited with her long-lost father after 56 years when he was 'suggested' as a friend - by FACEBOOK.

Karen Harris was adopted as a little girl in the early 1960s because she was born out of wedlock.

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Utah Gov. Halts HIV-Prevention Program Because He Doesn't Like The 'Sexual Innuendo' On The Condom Wrappers
Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images; Utah Department of Health

A campaign called "H is for Human" planned to hand out 100,000 free condoms in Utah, funded in part by the Utah Department of Health.

Their hope was to try to lower rates of HIV transmission in the state.

However Republican Governor Gary Herbert pulled the plug on the idea.

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