The Worst Decisions People Ever Made In Their Lives

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Our day-to-day existence consists of making a myriad of minor decisions.

"Should I get out of bed now or hit the snooze button?"

"Should I do cardio or focus on weightlifting this week?"

"I love this holiday Merino wool sweater that's on sale but do I need it?"

We don't even think about some of the daily choices we make because most are inconsequential.

But sometimes, we may not even realize until after the fact that some of our decisions weren't necessarily well thought out.

Those who have regrets from going down the wrong path had plenty to share when Redditor imheretoscrolll asked:

"What was the worst decision of your life?"

It was better late than never for these Redditors.

A Pileup

"I feel like I can't really find that one 'worst decision' because my life until now is just a snowball of slightly bad decisions piling up."

"Don't quit school cause it's boring, get you driver license, and don't take things for granted."

"And don't waste money when you can't afford to !"


Wasted Time

"Probably that 20 years of nonstop drinking and drug use looking back and trying to understand how I made that same decision everyday is sad got myself together now at 36."

– FixingandDrinking

Plans On The Back Burner

"Waiting to get into culinary. Wasted a lot of time going a traditional route of getting a degree and should have done it right after high school than waste 10 years bumbling about."

– Calm_Memories

Bad financial decisions came back to haunt these consumers.

Going Nowhere Fast

"Getting caught up wanting to be flashy in a fancy car at 19. Please learn about interest rates and depreciation if you've never bought a car before. One of the worst financial situations you can be in is stuck in an upside-down loan with a high interest rate and can barely make payments on it."

– michaellicious

Firing On All Cylinders

"I bought a brand new Audi A4 when I was 20. My first car, went in by myself, no f'king clue about negotiating and just desperately wanted the car. Got completely hosed by the dealers, paid sticker price plus ALL the extra bullsh*t add-ons, low jack, acid rain protective coating etc etc they made it seem like they weren't options, just wrapped up in a nice balloon loan at 9% interest, had me feeling like I got a great deal! I'm sure they were high-fiving in the back office. I was a dream customer. Not even sure how I qualified for that loan w my income."

"Pretty much all my $ went into the monthly payments on that car and it ended up constantly breaking down and behaving like a piece of sh*t, transmission died after warranty expired and eventually sold it to CarMax for $2,500."

– foundsomeoldphotos

People talked about decisions involving relationships with others.

Matrimonial Miss

"Getting married to the wrong person."

– Limp_Distribution

Losing Touch

"Losing contact with the people I cared about because 'I'll just message them tomorrow instead.' Tomorrow never came and now the relationships are dead."

– pajamakitten

Fools Rush In

"Kinda falling in love with wrong person."

– KishMishShishkebab

Parting Ways

"After about 4months living together we amicably split. Best for her, her kids, and me. No hard feelings, she was lovely and a great mom, but I needed some growing up to do."

– -Alter-Reality-

Value Of Friendships

"During my late teens, I missed the funeral of my best friend’s brother. To all the kids out there who are open to learning empathy but might not understand ityet, BE THE PERSON WHO IS THERE FOR YOUR FRIENDS. Folks just want a shoulder to hug; do what I couldn’t and be a presence for your mate(s)."

– RuggedExecuteness

Many of my regrets are not following up when dispensing the all-too-familiar line, "let's get together."

We all do it. Many of us never make the effort to set aside time to commit to meet up with people in spite of our good intentions, and the phrase diminishes in complete sincerity.

The worst example is when the person you told you wanted to meet with them is no longer with us.

While that has not happened to me personally, I did lose touch with good people in my life that have moved across the continent or too much time passed and the window of opportunity to relate to each other closed–leaving me drowning in thoughts of "coulda, woulda, shouda."

Look, we're all busy. But the next time you promise to meet with someone, it's worth delivering on that promise. Because the regret from not doing so can weigh on you, heavily.

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